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Nigeria Air Project Ill-Conceived – ULC President



The president of the United Labour Congress (ULC), Comrade Joe Ajaero has said that the recently unveiled Nigeria Air, a federal government project is “half-baked, ill-conceived and politically driven ,fraught with irregularities and corruption”.

Comrade Ajaero said this while addressing journalists at the weekend at the end of the Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting of the ULC held in Lagos.

According to him, Nigerians are demand explanations from the government on facts surrounding the Nigeria Air project.

“Government should explain to Nigerians why it had to spend about U$600,000 to design the Logo/mast head in Bahrain when there are Nigerians that can do it better here for free. Since the proposed Airline is worth U$6b from the calculations or even more than that, who is bringing the other U$5.7b or how does the government want to raise this balance?

“Nigerians want to know. Who owns the other 95 per cent. What are they bringing to the table? Has it acquired any aircrafts and if yes, how many Aircrafts does the organization presently have and where are its proposed offices? We ask, how will the shortfall be addressed? However, we believe that a viable airline will provide jobs so, we want to make sure that the airline takes off on a sure footing”, he said.

The ULC president also called on the government to put an end to the herdsmen killings in the North East and North central parts of the country.

“Our worry became alarming when we observed that the institutions that ought to take charge of this threat to our nation seem not to have any clue as to the dynamics of the killings.

“We therefore call on Government to demonstrate that the lives of Nigerian workers and masses matter by arresting some of the self-confessed killers that still walk around our streets. The murderous Fulani-herdsmen as represented by Miyetti-Allah must be arrested and its leadership prosecuted”, he said.

They requested that the federal government, in its war against corruption, should demonstrate seriousness by removing those who are heavily tainted as a result of open revelations.

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