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IBB Ladies Summer Golf Clinic For Children Tees Off



The 2018 edition of an annual children golf clinic targeted at students has commenced at IBB International Golf and Country Club, Abuja. The programme is at the instance of the club’s Ladies Section currently headed by Mrs Acholome Julie.

Over 100 students whose ages range between 4 and 18 years from across the country are attending the clinic that runs for three weeks.

The event which would climax on August 17, would see top Nigerian professional golfers offer life skill training to the children with a view to integrating them into the game and improve their golfing skills.

Chairperson of the organising committee and Vice Lady Captain of the club, Nanfe Audu, said the clinic asides being designed to catch them young, would teach the children life and social skills.

“This year event would feature two more activities apart from the golf. We are introducing life and social skills.

“Golf is a game of rules and in as much as there would be so many rules for the children to learn, we also want them to know about service to humanity, country and fellow golfers.

“For you to be a successful golfer, you must be discipline morally, physically and emotionally. So, it is going to be fun for the children throughout the duration of the three weeks training and parents would see a lot of positive changes in the behaviors of their children after the training,” she said.

Audu added that the clinic would also prepare the kids to be obedient to their parents and the country.

“The change I want to see in the children after the training is passion for the country. A lot of children lack moral control and discipline. We want them to be discipline, truthful and committed to the country and that is what the game of golf is all about. As a golfer, you must be truthful because no matter how dubious you are, you can’t cheat in golf. Golf teaches truthfulness, obedience, love and respect for one another. That is exactly what we want inculcate into the children so that they can be truthful and obedience to their parents and the country at large.”

IBB ladies have traditionally arranged summer developmental golf clinic for children since 2005 during the tenure of Christie Eleojo Adeojo as Lady Captain to integrate children into the game of golf.

The captain of IBB Golf Club, Ahmed Hussaini, lauded the Lady Section of the club for sustaining the developmental programme that will discover potential golfers.

He said the clinic has over the year produced golfers who are now professionals. “The essence of the programme is to catch them young and groom them to take over from us.

“It would interest you to know that those who participated in the training in the past, are now professional golfers. So, I am very optimistic that at the end of this three weeks training, some of the children would graduate to the next level and may even start playing golf with us here in this club.”




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