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Many Cabinet Members In Kano Not Loyal To Ganduje – Fagge



Aminu Mai Dawah Fagge is a critical voice in Kano politics. Even within his own ruling All Progressives Congress  (APC), he is described as a fiery and firebrand politician. In this interview with Abdulgafar Oladimeji, he speaks on the rAPC, and  the political situation in Kano

In Kano politics why you are considered to be very  controversial?

It depends on your assessment of my political personality and beliefs, I have assigned to myself  the responsibility to hold public office holders to account for their services to the electorate, this is what I do through advocacy, using the electronic media in Kano and I am strongly committed to this advocacy as a politician. It is my firm belief that public office holders are elected to serve the electorates, they are not voted to take care of their wives; they should be up and doing in the making available  roads, health care, education and other services that are required by the electorates.

How will you assess the performance of  President Muhammadu Buhari?

I salute the courage of Buhari, for confronting the rampant cases  of bombing  that existed before his arrival as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, although there are still pockets of explosions. President Buhari has been able to direct the mindset of our youth towards farming, many have now come to realize that farming can serve as a source of livelihood. Before now, majority did not comprehend  that one  could earn a living as a farmer. Buhari has staged an organised legal  war  against corruption. Before the emergence of President Buhari, we had a set of unpatriotic people, who specialized in looting our national treasury, they  were so blind that they looted the national treasury without thinking about the future of this great country.

Now, to be honest, people are being arrested for looting the coffers of the country, but  they are not properly prosecuted. The problem with the war against corruption is the  lack of diligent prosecution. In all fairness, Buhari has succeeded in bringing the matter to the front burner, but still people should be punished and not only punishing those who do not have a godfather. This is my candid opinion.

What is your impression about Ganduje since his assumption into office?

In Kano, let’s take a look backward. Incumbent Governor Ganduje inherited over N379 billion as unpaid debt and 2,002 uncompleted projects, some teachers who were recruited before the administration of  Ganduje came to power were not on salaries. Ganduje inherited a 44-local Government of which none could boast of N50.000 (fifty thousand naira) in its account. Governor Ganduje  paid  debts owed local contractors. Likewise, over 42,000 teachers have been upgraded, those amongst them that are casual workers have gained full employment status.

Take for example, Ganduje inherited the Sabon Gari bridge at 30 percent level of completion and today as I speak to you, the bridge is at 95 percent completion. The Kano state APC government under Ganduje initiated and completed the Madobi and Bukavu barracks underpass. We must praise Ganduje for doing so well. My sole worry is that he is too soft on some groups, like the Kwankwasiyya group, which is a toothless bull dog. Such groups operate under the cover of  other peoples shadow, please Ganduje should look around and carry along those that matter in our party, there are a lot of people who are influential at the grassroots level, who are being left behind by the governor, he needs  to reverse and  carry them along. Right now, these crop of our party people have been abandoned, time is  of essence and fast running out.

And let me quickly state that a large chunk of members of the state cabinet are not loyal to Governor Ganduje and his Excellency is not acting fast about  this important matter party matter, and time is not on our side. These disloyal elements are not working for the government , all their actions are anti-Ganduje. The governor is tolerating these set of political sycophants, who are not helping Ganduje and our great party APC to achieve its aims in Kano, you can point at a few like PPS to the Governor, Alhaji Kankarofi, commissioner for information, Muhammad Garba and his agriculture counterpart are some of the few you can proudly  say are those committed and working hard to help Ganduje and our party to deliver our electioneering promises. I cannot guess what our Governor thinks about 2019.

rAPC tends to be tearing your party apart, are you afraid APC is heading towards doom?

These rAPC people and  their comrades, who are already outside our party are comedians, I mean people like Atiku, Kwankwaso, Buba Galadima and Baraje. Atiku was in government, and now what does he want again, go and ask Atiku,  when he was in government can Nigerians travel smoothly from any part of the country to his home state of Adamawa. This is a man who failed to assist his home state when he had the chance to do so. Buba Galadima as a person has never contested and won an election in his home state of Yobe. His closeness to President Buhari was his political strength and it contributes to his profile as a politican. If Buba thinks he is politically relevant, I challenge him to return to Yobe and contest for the senate. If he dares, I bet you Buba will suffer political disgrace. Kwankwaso is a prospective  award winner as  a political comedian amongst all,  this is a man who is the senator representing Kano Central in the senate, please I appeal to you journalists to go round the local governments that constitute Kano Central  senatorial zone, I assure you that you will not  find a single  constituency project worth N2 million that was initiated and executed by Kwankwaso. Is this the kind of man that will change the political calculations or the  future of APC in Kano, in 2019? Baraje has no political stronghold, if not for nPDP that catapulted him into relevance at that time. And take note, these people do not have the war chest to confront  our party APC at the 2019 elections,. They are only seeking to reform for themselves, because they are in dire need of self political reform and not the APC.

Some are out of the APC already, others are on their way to defecting…

Our leaders should not appeal to anybody, for those who have packed their bags and baggages and left, good luck, after all soldier go, soldier come, political parties are life and death. Some people were  delivered into the world today and some others  must have also passed away today, that is how it works.

Do you in anyway see PDP as a threat to APC?

APC is not and will not confront any threat from the PDP. PDP is going to hit the rocks, the worst crisis awaits the opposition, after their presidential primaries or whatever, they will never emerge as a united family, you think they can manage themselves politically, no they can not, so take it from me,  they are not formidable as they try to portray, and  would  not in any way or manner pose a threat to the ambition of President Muhammadu Buhari, Buhari will serve a second a term.

What is the way forward for Nigeria?

We must remain patriotic and also pray for the prosperity of this country, while we allow trusted leaders like Buhari to steer the affairs of this country, in all righteousness.





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