The minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has disclosed that the umbrella body of the All Progressives Congress (APC) will not cede Kwara State APC to double agents.

Alhaji Mohammed who was reacting to a statement made by Alhaji Jimoh Balogun, the embattled leader of the Fulani-led Kwara APC at a press conference in Ilorin, yesterday, questioning his membership and contributions to the APC in Kwara State said, the issue of his membership of the APC, as well as his contributions to the growth of the party in Kwara and indeed in Nigeria as a whole, is settled and not subject to any form of contest.

‘’For those who may be engaging in mischief over this, the massive turnout of APC members and supporters to welcome me, during my trip home this past weekend for a stakeholders’ consultative meeting should serve as ample confirmation,’’ the minister said.

He said the truth is that those who are making this allegation are the ones who need to validate their membership of APC, ‘’since they have left no one in any doubt about their status as ‘double agents’.’’

The information and culture minister said Alhaji Balogun is one of the three Kwara Senatorial Chairmen who recently called on their leader to take them out of the APC.

The statement reads in part: ‘’As far as our members are concerned, these Janus-faced people are just waiting to crash the APC in Kwara before they escape to the other side.

‘’What has rattled them so much, however, is our decision not to allow them to actualize their nefarious plan. That decision was concretized this past weekend when the stakeholders’ meeting resolved, among others, that the current executive committee of the APC in Kwara should be dissolved and a new congress organized at all levels to produce a new set of party executives.

‘’The stakeholders also want those who got various appointments under the pretext of being APC members to resign immediately or be fired.’’

He said that now that the wheat has been separated from the chaff, APC members and supporters in Kwara are determined to strengthen the party.

Alhaji Mohammed noted that the APC has also opened its doors to hordes of those willing to join and reposition it ahead of the 2019 general elections, with a view to delivering the state to President Muhammadu Buhari.

‘’On this, there is no going back,’’ he added.