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NGO Holds Conference On Prevention Of Violence



A non-governmental organisation, Risk and Accident Prevention Society of Nigeria (RAPSON) has said lack of action plan, prevention techniques, peace and conflict resolution mechanism were the major reason why violent crimes are on the increase in the country.
It said in spite of efforts by government, NGOs, community leaders and even the clergy to stem the tide of insecurity in our country, the problems has become unabated thereby creating a general feeling of insecurity, fear and suspicion among the people.
Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday in Abuja, on the forthcoming Community Violence Prevention and Human Security conference scheduled to hold on 27, September, Chairman RAPSON, Engr Ben Koko Odohofre said the objectives of the forthcoming conference was to explore the core violence prevention strategies and the many complex questions on how community violence preventive measures can reduce violence for the purpose of our socio-economic and political advancement.
According to him, the conference would also identify opportunities and challenges for the management of community violence and to gain insight on how to bring real development to the rural areas and bringing together safety and security professionals and other relevant stakeholders to brainstorm on how to arrest the menace of violent crimes in our communities.
He added that action plan on violent prevention that will guide, and, or direct intervention in times of violent conflicts would be formulated at the forthcoming conference.
Odohofre said: As you are aware, safety is an indispensable condition for growth, development and stability of any society. However, due to terrorist acts, local wars, natural disasters, epidemic pandemic, security has been greatly challenged in Nigeria resulting into large scale destruction of lives and property.
“The conference is expected to formulate a blueprint for education and enlightenment of local government officials, community leaders, the political class on the latest methods and tactics of providing safety and violence prevention mechanism that will protect them, their constituents and the public with maximum results.
It would also provide essential information on how to protect people during conflict and post conflict situations, defend displaced persons as well as overcome economic insecurities that force people into crimes.”



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