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Glamour Girl Turned Duchess: Meghan Tones Down



Meghan has had to tone down her fashion choices since marrying Prince Harry in May but still occasionally displays some of her past style.

It was a question that many asked ahead of the wedding: would the chilled-out Los Angeles actress frequently seen in short skirts and sandals fit into the British royal family mould?

Would the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex imitate the typically English conservative style associated with Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, wife of her brother-in-law Prince William?

Would Meghan, who turns 37 on Saturday, have to become demure?

“Before the wedding, Meghan cultivated a casual Californian look that was a nod to her LA upbringing,” Elizabeth Vollman, who manages the website Meghan’s Fashion says

“Since becoming a duchess, her style has had to evolve to befit her new royal role and she has dropped the effortless chic look in favour of a tailored and demure style, opting for French designers and neutral shades,” she said.

Meghan, who starred in the hit US television legal drama “Suits” before giving up acting, told the website last year that she felt most comfortable in “jeans, cut-offs and flip-flops”.

In one of her first public appearances alongside Harry in Toronto in September last year, she wore a pair of ripped jeans and a loose-fitting boyfriend shirt. It was less than a year ago but an age ago in terms of her personal fashion evolution.

By marrying Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson, Meghan has joined the royal family — an institution whose traditions dominate the lives of its members, including their clothing choices.

“The role she’s taken on, it’s very austere, it’s very sort of serious,” fashion designer Stella McCartney, who created Meghan’s wedding evening reception dress, told the BBC in a recent interview.

Of the wedding day itself, McCartney said: “I think it was the last moment that she could reflect sort of the other side to her: the joy and the human within her.”



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