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SDP Promises To Liberate Nigeria



The  Social Democratic Party, (SDP) has promised to liberate Nigerians from the shackles of poverty and to fight corruption to a stand still.

Newly elected chairman of the party in Enugu, Barrister John Nwobodo, disclosed this in Enugu weekend at the end of their state congress in which he and his interim executive members were affirmed to run to affairs of the party at the state level

He  noted that whereas APC claimed to be fighting corruption, they are only out to witchhunt perceived opponents.

“APC say they are fighting corruption but they are only fighting those with opposing views; that is not how to fight corruption,” he said.

Nwobodo stated that there was problem in the land and to solve it is not by attacking personalities but identifying problems and tackling it.

“Generally, there is problem in this country.  If we say remove Buhari, that Buhari is bad, what are we going to do differently.  It is not about individuals, it is about identifying issues and preferring solutions to them,” Nwobodo said.

He said that his exco will do their possible best to ensure that the party has structure in every polling unit, ward and local government in the state to ensure that SDP wins in all elective positions come 2019.

Nwobodo also said that to ensure victory, they will embark on issue based campaigns.

“For the first time, we are going to run an issue based campaign, a knowledge based campaign not just coming out to campaign on emotion or campaigning based on religion but on issues,” Nwobodo said.



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