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Firm Seeks Partnership In New Healthcare Model



..Rolls Out Initial Coin Offering
US-based healthcare firm, Izzy Care has said it was adopting blockchain in healthcare across Africa.
The firm said tokenisation appears to be one of the most dynamic aspect of blockchain technology that is enabling the extended flexibility ever present in its implementation.
Co founder of the firm, Joswell Valdez, said in Lagos that blockchain in healthcare was now  a growing trend ,  and  with achievements recorded so far, it  presents immense opportunity for healthcare on a global scale.
To this end , Valdez said as Izzy Care gets set for its Initial Coin Offering (ICO),  it was important that Africans within the continent take advantage of it by partnering with it.
“Our ICO is an opportunity for individuals, organisations and governments to collaborate with us as we aim to change the healthcare landscape across Africa,” he stated.
According to him, the existence of underlying tokens has enabled transparent transactions and goes a long way to reducing the human influence that has been blamed for most of the bottlenecks that exist within administrative settings,adding that payments, rewards and incentivisation processes have also been sanitised thereby re-establishing trust and building motivation for participants in blockchain settings.
Valdez further disclosed that Izzy Care has developed app-based consultations that would give enrollees an unlimited access to teams of high level doctors, psychologists and wellness coaches from around the world.
Also speaking ,  digital health expert and co founder of the firm,  Kenneth Colon, also submitted that one of the biggest promises of blockchain technology is enabling patients to monetise their health data, if they so choose, allowing them personally to benefit financially from their data, and not the corporations who traditionally maintain control of this data.
While further re-emphasising the partnership, Colon said it was  imperative that people and organisations join hands with Izzy Care on its special mission.
” “By working with government bodies across the continent, we can streamline public health expenditure and ensure that all Africans have access to the high-quality care they deserve,” he explained.
Experts have hailed Izzy Care’s innovative plan, believing that its decentralised methods would give enrollees various options as it relates to their health goals, adding that Africa stands to benefit from the innovation.
They further stated that this development was coming at a time when most African countries’ healthcare needs a boost considering how millions of patients continue to suffer in their attempt to get healthy.



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