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Kogi To Host 2018 Ogwuche Basketball Camping



The 3rd edition of Sam Ogwuche Basketball Camping is set to hold in Kogi state between August 13 and 18, 2018. The camp is aimed at discovering talents in basketball and keeping children out of the streets.

The organizer, coach Daddy Lawal said plans have been perfected to ensure a successful camping in the confluence state.

The national grassroots coach said the talents discovered during the camping will be trained further to become professionals in the game of basketball for future competitions

“The camping in Kogi is organized by Sam Oguche. He is planning   to visit all the states in the federation but there is limited finance to visit them or open camps in all the states at once. That is why he is going to the states one after the other”,he said.

“The last edition was held in Abuja, Asaba and Kaduna now it is the turn of Kogi and gradually other states will come into the picture. He will be there for the camping because he has passion about basketball.The camp starts 13th of August and runs till 18th.  It is a week-long camping. The target is to take kids out of the streets and make them realize their potentials in basketball.”

“We always have large turnout of players in each state.We have had the camp and they always ask questions. At the end of the camping, we poll these players – the best among them – together and train them.



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