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Doctors We Amire (DOWA)



A new Sheriff is in town!
There is a new platform presenting medical excellence and inspirational stories of Nigerian doctors and hospitals. The platform is a precision magazine called ‘DOWA’. DOWA stands for ‘Doctors we admire’. A new order, new thinking, fresh ideas and innovative expression to improve healthcare delivery in Nigeria.
DOWA has been created to inspire medical doctors and in truth, all healthcare practitioners, to imbibe the highest standards of excellence in their general practice and careers. The magazine showcases and promotes quality healthcare anywhere in the country. This will ultimately lead to a community of World class professionals with a patriotic zeal and passion to brave the odds, rise above the challenges and help Nigeria reposition her healthcare industry.
Nigeria must meet its healthcare challenges in order to provide satisfactory healthcare for its teeming population. We need giant strides and not baby steps. This is what DOWA brings to the table.

Reversing Medical Tourism
There is gathering momentum to reverse medical tourism from Nigeria. This is being done through stronger collaborations between public and private hospitals in Nigeria, and innovative practices in many private hospitals geared towards delivering better care locally.
In truth, all the Nigerian patient want is quality healthcare.
So, private enterprise is taking the lead, with bold innovations and building World Class hospitals. Many hospitals are manned by excellent clinicians with improvements in service delivery. These new hospital groups are purposefully delivering great improvements in healthcare service with better outcomes: more than ever before. Good outcomes at home will enourage many more Nigerians to stay local for their care and therefore reverse medical tourism. The money saved will be ploughed into the Nigerian economy and so we all benefit.
The multiplier effect of all these and more will be the retention of key medical professionals locally, improved national health and productivity with a bourgeoning effect on our economy.
Abuja Hospitals

The Brain and Spine Surgery Consortium in Abuja delivers bespoke neurological care. The hospital located in the heart of the city recently moved into new, comfortable premises geared towards improving access and affordability for brain and spine issues. Similarly, the massive complex of Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre in Abuja is a sight to behold. The new hospital boasts of improvements to kidney care. The hospital is foremost in Abuja for dialysis and renal transplants.
Alliance Hospital in Garki has also made serious investments in its facility upgrade that you’d be amazed at that such ambience in a Nigerian hospital. The hospital also boasts of equipments and services such as CT and MRI scans.
Other facilities leading from the front with innovative practices are Summit Dental Care, FirmCare, Zitadel hospital, Lifebridge Diagnostic, Savannah Hospital, Medicaid, Toprabane, Fountainside, St Catherine’s, Sauki Hospital and Tabitha Medical Centre.
The confidence reposed in the private sector is at an all time high in recent times. Cedarcrest Hospital recently treated the son of Mr President (Yusuf Buhari) in a testimony to the state of readiness of the private sector to lead from the front.
However, there are public hospitals such as Afe Babalola University College of Medicine, Lagos University Teaching Hospital and University College Hospital, Ibadan making giant strides to improve services and outcomes. Many more are developing and improving service delivery in other parts of the country.
What about Specialists?
DOWA has invited some medical directors, allied stakeholders specialists to its event later this week. An evening with DOWA on the 31st May 2018 in Ibeto Hotel promises to showcase specialist services in the FCT, Abuja. You will meet the pathologist, Dr C Achusi , the ophthalmic Surgeon, Dr M Ajani, neurosurgeons such as Dr C Ugwuanyi, Dr D Okor and Dr B Ogungbo, a family physician Dr A Silva, resuscitation consultant Dr H Adelakun (Angel and Eagle Rescue), a fertility expert, Dr A Ajayi of Nordica Fertility Group, the Chinese Natural therapist, Dr A Yuan, Dr J Ojukwu, a specialist endoscopist and general surgeon, Dr T Sough, an orthopedic surgeon and Dr P Ekpe, consultant gynaecologist.

Allied Services
Ginos Ventures and Adenike Gbolagun have taken on the mantle of providing solutions for orthopedic, brain and spine surgeons in Nigeria. Through innovative partnerships, the company is changing the landscape and enabling surgeons with instrumentation and implants. Many other stakeholders in the healthcare space will be attending the networking dinner as scheduled.

Onwards with DOWA
DOWA brings more to the table than we have seen before. The quality in the production and the wealth of information in the magazine, replete with pictures of the facilities, equipment and manpower in the hospitals, is exactly what the Nigerian patient needs to make the right choice.

Stay home and support the healthcare system as DOWA shakes things up for the better.



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