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10 Ways To Eliminate Stress At Work



Stress is inevitable in our daily activities and every individual experience stress in varying degrees.The workplace has been identified as one of the most stress inducing place for most individuals so naturally the burning question of how to eliminate stress at work has been the topic of fierce debate globally for decades. Though the results so far has been inconclusive, below are find ten ways to reduce stress at work.

Act Instead Of React typically you are in control of your actions and responses but not in control of macro forces or someone else’s tone and so melnick advices that you identify the aspects of the situation you can control and aspects you can’t.

Pause And Take a Deep Breathe: it is advisable to take a few minutes of deep breathing to restore balance if you are feeling overwhelmed or are coming out of a tense meeting.

Eliminate Interruptions: while you may not have control over the interrupters you can control your response, it is advisable to respond in one of three ways;  accept the interruption, cut it off or diagnose it’s importance and make a plan.

 Schedule Your Day For Energy And Focus: it is important to schedule breaks throughout the day to walk, stretch or engage in a breathing exercise.  Do not overwork yourself as it leaves you with little or no energy.

Eating right and sleeping well is vital: eat more protein and less sugar, and also sleep well in order to get the rejuvenation effect. Sleeping is a critical recovery process which is needed to tackle stress.

A Positive Mindset Is Crucial. It helps relieve you of anxiety and panic. For those who become panic-y and short of breath before a presentation. According to stress expert Melnick ‘you can quickly reduce your anxiety with the right acupressure point. Positioning your thumb on the side of your middle finger and applying pressure instantly helps regulate your blood pressure’’.

 Knowledge Of Your Influence Is Key: Knowing how to use your influence even when faced with a troublesome colleague is essential to reducing stress in the workplace. It is advisable to call the person to a quiet place and tell them what you don’t like and how it could affect the business and and other workers, this should be addressed in a less accusatory and judgemental tone as that could stir up an adverse reaction.Tackle an issue quietly and maturely.

 Motivate Yourself By Being Your Best Critic: Always have your own back even when you feel things are not working out well,  it encourages you to do better and cheers you up. It also helps to keep ones mind at the right pace, with less negative thoughts.

Always Take An Objective View: consider the reasons why something happened or why you did not get what you wanted rather than get angry immediately and lash out at people.

 Be Less Focused On What Others Think About You: When you get so worked up about what people think about you, you tend to be less creative  because you don’t bring something new to the table. It is essential to build your self confidence in to do an excellent job. It’s more attractive to do you, it saves you the stress of keeping up with a fake act. Identify self imposed stress. Even when you are in an argument or in an aggressive state it is advisable to cool down and think about your response. It helps you make the right decision and helps you settle the issue quietly.