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Hair Color Obsession



The fashionista affinity for color and flair for flash is one of the reasons why fashion lovers worldwide enthusiastically embraced the trend of dyeing the natural hair in bright shades. Currently the rage with the fashion forward, hair colorings in Africa and Nigeria, is at an all-time high, with celebrities and socialites joining global stars to rock the super chic trend.

The everyday style lover on the streets of Nigeria is certainty not left out, as lots of fashionistas are making hair statements by boldly rocking different colors of weaves, and hair cut in varying shades of gold, wine, red, purple and blue (for the style adventurous)

There are several ways to rock this trend, some of which includes the chic low cut fully dyed hair in bright shades, tinted natural hair streaks, to the two-toned weaves and mono hair fad.  Despite been trendy, there are several factors to carefully consider before choosing your hair dye shade, here are some tips:

• Pick a color that compliments your skin tone. For the very dark lady, opting for a striking blond hair color may turn out jarring and unflattering. If your heart is set on a blond dye, experiment by trying several shades of the blond dye on a hair pact as a tester, until you find a hue that is flattering.

• Hair dye should be applied no sooner than two weeks after the application of relaxer. This is to reduce the risk of destroying your hair follicles due to the amount of chemicals being applied.

• Several days before coloring your hair, deep condition your hair with a moisture/protein mix. Your mix should be moisture heavy. A well-conditioned head of hair, with the right mix of gentle protein structuring, provides the best environment for color attachment.

Coloring your hair is a great to transform your entire appearance for better or for worse so make the decision with knowledge!




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