Juliana John Shuwa is from Tafawa Balewa area of Bauchi State and Ngas by tribe. She was born into the family of Mr Ngwan and Mrs Martina Luka in Tafawa Balewa- the fourth of their five children. She attended Wunti Primary School Bauchi and Government Girls Science Secondary Azare. She later studied social studies/CRS in National Teachers Institute, Bauchi Centre and read Library Sciences in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University. She taught for about six years before she resigned to follow her passion.


My name is Juliana John Shuwa. I am from Tafawa Balewa area of Bauchi State and Ngas by tribe. I was born into the family of Mr Ngwan and Mrs Martina Luka in Tafawa Balewa. I am the fourth of their five children. I started my educational career in Bauchi, precisely Wunti Primary School, from there I proceeded to Government Girls Science Secondary Azare. After my secondary school education, I studied social studies/CRS at the National Teachers Institute, Bauchi Centre. After my NCE, I was admitted into the prestigious Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University to study Library Sciences. I got employed as a teacher in St Joseph Nursery and Primary School in Bauchi. I taught for about six years before I resigned to follow my passion. I enrolled to study catering and events planning at Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity to hone my skills and to enhance my business. I am happily married with children and presently, I am a caterer and soft drinks supplier.


Well it started for me from as young as seven years. My mother developed the passion for cooking in me. From that age, she will ensure that and my siblings are always available in the kitchen to help with one or two things. I will want to play but she will force me to work in the kitchen. Gradually I learnt the art of cooking and developed a passion for it. After I got married I decided to use what I have to get what I want. I started baking cupcakes to give shops around to sell for me. Curiosity also led me to better myself as a caterer. After I resign from teaching job, I enrolled in a catering school and learnt a lot of things that will aid me as a caterer: the different recipes, different types of cakes not just cupcakes different methods of icing, how to produce different types household detergents and the likes. I learnt a lot of things and since no knowledge is a waste, I decided to learn everything. When my husband saw how serious I was, he gave the startup capital and that enabled me to be the success I am now.


My driving force is prayer and hard work.


What stands me out from competitors is my friendliness. I am friendly and I tolerate a lot of things. I adapt to any situation. I don’t disrespect anybody no matter how highly placed or how lowly placed you are. I try to give the best of my services so that you can always come back.


My success secret is prayer and hard work. My personal conviction is that hard work pays and I am not too proud to learn anything new no matter how trivial because I believe no knowledge is a waste.


My hobbies are listening to music, dancing, cooking and making new friends.


What I dread the most is conflict of any kind, it really shoots up my blood pressure when I see people fighting, killing each other. Also I detest dishonesty, it makes me mad.


I have achieved a lot in this business. My cooking has improved tremendously; I have been able to train others who are now standing on their own.


My mother. She has instilled business shrewdness in me. She has been a great source of inspiration to me. My husband also has been very understanding.


My major challenge is capital to expand. I have a lot of initiatives to Execute, but no money.


My most memorable moment was when I was baptized.


My only regret is not starting this business on time.


My future projection is to open a catering school and a soft-drink supply chain.


My advice is for people to engage in a business venture no matter how meager the amount. Have a business to fall back on and gradually, it start yielding results. If you say you will wait till you get something big you will never make it. I started from my kitchen look at where I am today. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.


It takes the grace of God, I thank God I have been able to strike a good balance between family and business. I ensure that none is neglected, most especially that my extended family and friends are not abandoned because of business. I want to appreciate my husband for his love, care and understanding, because for a woman to be successful in business, if you don’t have a husband who understands, your business will fail.