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Sitting On The Fence Can’t Mend Broken Walls



Broken walls symbolize critical situations that require urgent rescue attention. And factually speaking, it becomes both moral and criminal liability for a sane person to sit on the fence, in a state of inactivity to watch the ruins of the broken walls. It is a moral liability, because it robs one the right to complain over actions and inactions of others, and criminal, because it depicts dereliction of divine duty. Every mortal was divinely endowed with the gifts to make the world a better place, and in a given area and if such potential remains innate, undeveloped and not fully deplored, then the creator can’t be blamed.

Ostensibly, building a robust democracy that will align Nigeria with the rest of the world is not just crucial and germane, but has reached a stage where the processes that produce democratic ideals and dividends cannot be left to charlatans.

It is obvious that now is the time that professionals who advertently or inadvertently have been sitting on the fence with a false sense of neutrality have to descend to the political arena to make up for the professional ingredients that are lacking in Nigeria’s democratic journey. It was this consciousness that triggered unspeakable joy when Dr. Ali Onoja, one of the best professionals from the stables of the Igala Nation, declared his intention to answer the clarion call.

Onoja could not withstand the excruciating pains that characterized the lives of his constituents, due to lack of good governance. And to ensure that the pains were not perpetuated, he conscientiously decided to discard the ‘neutrality’ theory and come down from the fence to stake his hard earned integrity in order to provide succor to deserving souls.

Though the political road may not be smooth, but he had realized that the same God who helped him to transverse the globe in search of workable knowledge for total emancipation, can still help him to weather the political storm.
His constituents were not only delighted that he has finally discarded the infamous ‘neutrality’ theory, but that he has resolved to restore their wasted representation at the National Assembly.

Onoja was determined to step into the murky waters of politics to represent Ankpa/ Omala/ Olamaboro Federal Constituency in the National Assembly. With the track records he has in the civil service, having served for 22 years as a virologist and public health specialist in the health sector, there is no doubt that he would bring his
professionalism and credibility to bear in delivering the dividends of democracy to the people. There is no doubt that his venture into politics would establish the missing template that could bridge the existing gap between the electorate, the elected and the elective office.

Onoja is well known as a believer in the principles, that true happiness is embedded in identifying a need and meeting it, especially when it exists in an atmosphere of helplessness and with potentiality of escalating vulnerability.

Undoubtedly, and with the benefits of hindsight, he had several times demonstrated the belief, that those who have found great fulfilment and innermost serenity in life were those who conscientiously refused to sit on the fence while the ruins of the broken walls persist, but suffered self denial and lost comfort zones in order to ameliorate vulnerability in the society.

Inarguably, the human nature is inbuilt with inordinate desires for self aggrandizement and preservation, and most times at the expense of the less privileged people. However, there are few who against all odds have triumphed over this natural tendency and are not just living selflessly, but making concerted efforts to protect posterity and leave a lasting legacy.

Dr. Onoja, a consummate professional in his own right, happens to be among the few who consider it a crime to humanity, to sit on the fence when there are broken walls to be urgently mended. When he said “there is no such a thing as neutrality or sitting on the fence”, it was not just a thoughtless passing remarks, but an expression that reflects his true characters. In life, while many talk the talks, few walk the talks.

With about 22 years of professional career in the health sector, with other cognate experiences, apparently, he has achieved a pedigree that puts him in the class of those who deserve to sit on the ‘high horse’ of societal affluence and careless about the poor masses. Nonetheless, he sees it as a disservice to God and mankind, to be mounted on the horse back in the midst of people who are suffering deprivation of various degrees.

He has exemplified empathy and enormous tender love that have impacted humanity greatly, and more particularly, the Igala Nation, his land of nativity. Dr. Onoja did not hesitate to alight from the ‘high horse’ when he noticed the broken walls of the socio-economic lives of his immediate constituents in Ogugu, Olamaboro local government area of Kogi State. He responded to the needs by launching an interventionist scheme for orphans and widows in July 9, 2010. This scheme has provided educational support and economic empowerment to over 300 vulnerable children and widows within the constituency.

During his tenure as the chairman, Health Committee of Project Igala, he eschewed clannish jingoism and liberally extended health and educational support to several communities in Olamaboro, Ankpa, Omala,

Idah, Dekina and other LGAs of Igala Nation. He was also the arrow head that facilitated the building of a health centre in Ogugu, a project that was executed in partnership with Still Waters and Missionaries from the United Kingdom in 2007. He was also the facilitator of the AHP Community Health Initiative in Ogugu, the project that attracted the presence of Her Excellency, Hajia Zainab Idris, the former First Lady of Kogi State in 2010.

His insatiable desire to see Igala sons and daughters gainfully employed and also strategically positioned for economic independence and dominion has resulted to a considerable placement of several of these people in both international and local consultancy and permanent jobs since 2007.

Apart from the socioeconomic emancipation agenda which he has given commendable attention to in the Igala Nation, he has also proven to be a dependable vessel that God can rely on.
Dr. Onoja demonstrated a lavished love for God, his eternal source, when he hosted and provided accommodation services to men and women of God, who at different times had shown interest and commitment to the spiritual awakening of the Igala Nation.

It is not just trite to state that the right man has alighted from the fence to do the needful, but also inspiring to note that there is a guarantee that the years the political locust devoured in the Igala Nation shall be restored.

– Abbah wrote in from Abuja