The emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari has been aptly described as a tsunami for its sweeping displacement of an entrenched decadent culture of politics and governance in Nigeria and enthronement of an unprecedented moral and ethical renaissance in citizens’ behaviour and public service. The recent emergence of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has now dramatically delivered an earthquake shake in the leadership, structures and followership of the party just when the party was in dire need of such a jolt.

The grave lesson of the 2015 journey towards positive transformation and clean break from corruption-ridden bad governance that has crippled our nation’s progress and reversed its development from the path of empowering our people to the dark alleys of private political plunder of public resources is that President Buhari’s singular stoic commitment must be backed by a matching deployment of resolute and purposeful party command and control as well as unflinching support of the legislature and judiciary to get to the proverbial promised land.

It is therefore a fortuitous strategic development that the Comrade Chairman has demonstrated the required insight and capacity to target and tackle these identified impediments with the focus and guts only a veteran champion of labour and civic rights turned highly rated political activist and result oriented governance guru could possess and muster. Within a few weeks, he has cracked the whip of party supremacy to rattle errant political appointees like Minister Ngige out of their hollow sense of “presidential prerogative” back to the reality of looming dispensability and the ripples have sent appropriate alerts across the horizontal and vertical hierarchies of the APC.

Comrade Adams’ most combative clout is currently shaking up and checking out the outgoing Senate President, Bukola Saraki, chief perpetrator of the legislative coup that practically usurped the presidential mandate popularly vested in President Buhari and the APC and converted it into a parasitic parallel cabal of PDP masked mercenaries intent on reclaiming their confiscated privilege to privatize the national treasury. It was a tragedy of political alliance that the ascendance to power of the Buharist/Progressive corrective crusade played host to opportunistic infiltrators from the ranks of the entrenched enemies of democracy and development, but it is the triumph of good conscience and principled pursuit of good governance that eventually sort the wheat from the chaff.

After more than three years of turning the Senate into a stage for Machiavellian manipulation and masquerading his personal political aggrandisement, Bukola Saraki has finally met his nemesis and his ulterior motives have now been laid bare by the Comrade Chairman’s merciless missiles fired “so that the public is not misled into turning villains into heroes and twisting facts that are not hidden to the Nigerian public.”

The most recent cavalier conspiratorial antics of Bukola Saraki against his purported party and the national interest resulted in the abrupt and unduly extended shut-down of the legislature at a very critical time in the general election calendar callously re-enacted his initial tactical treachery of misappropriating the leadership of the Senate and foisting the outrageous anomaly of PDP mercenaries occupying the leadership of an APC dominated Senate! In the two instances, as eloquently exposed by the Comrade Chairman, Bukola Saraki broke ranks with the mainstream APC senators who were meeting elsewhere to take a collective decision, hurriedly herded his conscripted colleagues into the Senate chambers and orchestrated the adoption of decisions that exclusively served his personal political interest “in unholy alliance with the opposition and mortgaging the rights of the ruling party.” This is a combination of political rape and incest by one power maniac!

When you add deliberate delay of budget process and tinkering with provisions of the budget for the sole sinister objective of compromising the capacity of the government to address critical national challenges instigated by Bukola Saraki, the overriding influence of selfish considerations that conflict flagrantly with the interest of the entire Nigerian populace is his unmistakable obsession. It is therefore beyond contention that all the other activities of the outgoing Senate President in and outside the Senate Chambers, such as assembling a clique of compromised senators to sustain his legislative autocracy and confer counterfeit legitimacy on his rising number of extra-curricula misadventures and lately camouflaging his emergency evasive escapades to avoid imminent impeachment in the misleading context of political marginalization and victimization, amount to brazen piracy of the powers of the Nigerian Senate.

But the Comrade Chairman, whose exhaustive articulation of the subterranean subversion of national interest by APC’s number one enemy within and by extension, the biggest cog in the wheel of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s machinery of governance under the popularly elected Buhari administration, is on familiar territory. After all is said and done, what is the difference between the pseudo-patriotic excesses of Bukola Saraki and the exploitative tendencies of the global capitalist employers of labour that the NLC under Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s vigilant watch dealt with to the delight of millions of workers?

– Madaki writes from Jos