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Experts Task Nigerians On $3bn Green Building Investment Portfolio



The Nigerian country manager of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, Mr. Eme-Essien Lore, has stressed the need for Nigerians to embrace green building initiative, saying the country was well qualified to benefit from the IFC’s more than $3 billion green building investment portfolio if concrete arrangements are put in place

According to him, the World Green Building Council, a global network of green building councils believe that green buildings can and must be at the centre of human lives.

He said, “The organisation has taken action to champion global leadership and empower communities to adopt green buildings. The changing global climate means we must reshape the way we build and go green.

“The position of the IFC and the World Green Building Council show that there are benefits to green building and that it’s time for the Nigerian construction industry to go green. However, as beneficial as this sounds, how prepared is the Nigerian construction and engineering industry to go green? Are builders fully aware of what green buildings entail and the benefits of adopting same?”

Lore added that green buildings adopt the best practices of environmental technology for optimising the use of natural resources to provide clean and cost effective working ambience.

“These are buildings with increased efficiency in the use of energy, water and materials. They reduce the impact of construction or operational activities on human health and the environment through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition,” he added.

Corroborating Lore, Mr. Toni Nasr, the project manager of The Heritage Place, the first green building in Nigeria developed by ITB Nigeria in 2017, clarified that there was a huge misconception that green buildings were expensive and required many technological expertise.

He added that, “the truth is that, a green building takes into consideration environmental sustainability and efficiency in energy and cost.”