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Sowore, Others Launch New Political Party



The Publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore among others have launched a mew Political Party, African Action Congress (AAC) in Abuja.

Speaking during the launch of the party, the National Chairman, Sowore said the new political party is looking beyond Nigeria.

“Our agenda is not only to improve the lives of Nigerians alone,” Sowore said adding that as African leaders, they want  a life of abundance for the region.

“Our political party will restructure the country. The old won’t be involved in the restructuring but the young people,” Sowore said.
While speaking on the pathetic nature of the country on human capital development, infrastructural development and other social amenities, Sowore said they will provide 5000 jobs to Nigeria through solar power, teaching, and other areas of the economy.
Sowore who said serving youth corp members will receive N100,000 on a monthly basis, added that the minimum wage for federal civil servants would be fixed at N100,000.

Speaking on unemployment, Sowore said the situation has degenerated to a stage where no one get employ in the civil service without knowing someone.

“You can’t get a job now in Nigeria without knowing someone. Many die searching for immigration jobs while children of the rich are in NNPC, CBN and other juicy agencies. We must change that mentality now,” the AAC chairma, Sowore said.

He said AAC slogan is “Take It Back,” adding that the picture in the logo showing two joined hands is significant.

LEADERSHIP reports that the national secretary of the party is Leonard Ozenwa.