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14-year-old Girl Kills Mistress In Benin



A 14-year-old girl, Hannah (other name withheld) yesterday, confessed to killing her mistress, Mrs Helen Adodo, in her apartment fortnight ago, in Benin City, Edo State.

Hannah gave an account of what transpired when the Edo State Police Commissioner, Johnson Kokumo, paraded 102 criminal suspects.

She said on the fateful day, her mistress had asked her to give her a change of clothes because the ones she had on was smeared with kerosene. So she hurriedly did that and when she was done with it, her mistress asked for food and water to bath before she went to bed to sleep. But as she slept, Hannah said, some strange force took over her and forced her to go outside, pick a stone and kill her mistress in her sleep.

“One of her friends usually comes around and when she does, she sends me on errands. This friend is used to visiting native doctors’ house. Sometimes after she has been to the native doctor’s place, she spends the night in our house. One time she asked me to accompany her but I refused.

‘‘That night, when my mistress asked me to put on the light around 12:00am, give her a change of clothes since the one she was wearing was smelling kerosene, I did and dropped the clothes with kerosene on the floor. She later asked me to prepare food and boil water for her to bath. So before I came out, her friend had gone to the native doctor’s house.

“That was when some uncontrollable force came upon me like a breeze. So I lost sense of what I was doing. I left the dishes I was supposed to wash and went straight to pick a stone from outside. I then went inside the room where my mistress was sleeping and hit her head with the stone and she died.

“As soon as that happened, I scratched my head and turned around four times. That’s when I came back to my senses. When I discovered that I had killed her, I held her and began to cry.”

The JSS II Itohan Girls Grammar School student, who was brought from Abuja to assist Mrs Helen Adodo (the deceased) said the spirit warned her not to tell anyone and that if she did, she will die.

The suspect, who has barely spent five months in Benin with her mistress, said she has never killed anybody before and that she regrets her action.



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