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I Will Be Africa’s Top Female Flutist – Ebele



She has followed a path where others dread to walk. Ebele Ezeamakam popularly known as Ebele the flutist is a dynamo and the first Nigerian professional female flutist. In a world where sax is the trend, the courageous Ebele has inspired many to see the flute as a worthy instrument of performing and training even in rural communities. In this interview with SAMUEL ABULUDE, she speaks on her music, person and world

What have you been up to?

I have been doing a whole lot. God has filled my hand with works to do and I am doing all I can to fulfil that.

Ebele The Flutist is a brand, what are you doing to move it to another level?

Ebele The Flutist is a brand as you rightly said and being a brand it entails a lot. Not only music per say but other products are inclusive e.g. music/flute training and personal development coaching. I have been involved in these activities lately. It’s a project I am running this year. Also, I go for different performances and ministrations.

As the first female flutist, what honour has it brought you and the challenges?

I will say the challenge has really been intense. The honour started because by God’s grace I have been able to turn these challenges into opportunities. That’s what happens when God is with you and you are doing all you do to honour Him. He makes all things work in your favour. When I started, I never had anyone who supported me. People saw me as someone who just wanted to show she could do…..but I ignored people and stayed focused on my goal. My integrity had been seriously challenged. I turned down a lot of offers that would tarnish my image in Christ. It looked like I wouldn’t be able to make it but here I am today. It has all worked for my good.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

The Holy Spirit has always been my inspiration. I am a Christian and believe in being Spirit-led in every area of life. That guidance is crucial for anybody and every Christian to make it God’s way.

What inspired your official single,  ‘Dream Come True’?

“Dream Come True” is my fourth official single. It was produced by Cohbams Asuquo. I got my inspiration from God, because I wanted to say ‘Dreams come true’ but I discovered that I only have one dream I really need to come true, and when it does every other dreams will follow. So the main dream to come true is ‘God’….. He has come true now….every other blessings are following. Most of my songs are in flute including my most popular gospel hit, a jazzy praise song called, “Jawaa Chineke” which featured Mike Aremu on sax.

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

When I get inspired by God, and I set out to do all He asks me to do. At the end of it all it came out successful, exactly how God instructed me to do it….its memorable for me and thrilling to see fulfilment of what God instructed and fulfilment of Prophecy.

How long did it take you to master the flute?

I started playing the flute since age 14. It has never left me even after my higher education studies, I went for more education on the flute. It’s my best friend! Flute is a unique instrument. It is complex to operate and melodious in sound. It’s usually handled by some church musical groups or philharmonic orchestras but well restricted to band rules and pattern. Majoring with the instrument as a soloist has not only endeared me to some great audience and fans but has brought influence and recognition from quarters including presidential command performances

Which other instruments do you play?

I play a little bit of the keyboard.

What informed you to do gospel music?

I call myself a gospel contemporary musician. The gospel is pronounced here because I get my inspiration from God. But I say, contemporary because I perform both on gospel and non-gospel platforms. I cannot get inspired by God without aligning myself with Him, so I do all for His glory.

Has it put food on your table?

Initially when I started it was terrible. I did a lot of free performances just to get awareness. I was investing both time and money into my career. But now, I get paid very well because I have gotten the recognition I have been praying for.

Having gone professional nine years ago, what have been the success stories?

I have been profiled as the first and foremost female flutist in Nigeria with four recognition awards.

Can you share an experience you recently had on the job that moved you to tears?

When I went to the rural areas for my music training class, I was opportune to teach some people without no knowledge of music but they liked music. After the teaching, some of them could sing well like they had never been able to before. This brought tears to my eyes.

What do you want improved in gospel genre here?

I think we are better than before. Gospel music is getting better by the day and we are having different genres of gospel music. E.g. we have classic gospel, rap gospel, hip-hop gospel etc. But there’s and will always be room for improvement.

What is your life dream?

To achieve all my God-given dreams and goal. To be Africa’s number one female flutist and raise others as well.

What are your plans for the future?

The future plans have started already. I unveiled another brand called Ebele’s World, which entails TalkShow, Health/Fitness, and Beauty/Style. I am working on building a facility for Ebele’s World that will carry all the two brands including the music/flute training school . This will be launched out fully soon.

Can you share your salvation story?

I was privileged to grow up in a Christian home where I was taught to live rightly. That built my lifestyle to be pattern in Godly living. But as the Bible says “work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Philemon 2:12”. I have consciously built my faith in God by getting closer to God everyday. It’s a choice I made and I live by it.

What is your life philosophy?

“All things are possible to him that believes “. When you believe you can make it, with determination and being focused, you definitely will make it. Nothing can stop a determined person.




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