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Top 5 Protective Hairstyles For Modish Women



Impressive as our hair may be, it tends to get dry or brittle especially during extreme weather conditions. That is the major reason why most hairstylists recommend protective hairstyles for it protects and keep hair ends tucked in and secure, locking in moisture. Protective hairstyles can save you the stress of moisturising, combing and packing your hair daily which in turn saves us a few precious minutes in our hectic schedule.

Listed below are the top trending protective hairstyles, best for harsh climatic conditions while being fashion forward and perfect for hair growth.

Side Cornrows

As much as we love our traditional cornrows, there’s something a bit enhancive about side cornrows. Great for both the team natural hair and relaxed natural hairs fashionistas.

Ghana braids

This protective hairstyle is very easy, quick and effortless to maintain. Most ladies with very soft or scarce frontal hairline find this style quite risky due to the risk of shedding, pulling and outright hair lose. If you fall into the above category,m worry not.Simple ensure that the hairstylist doesn’t braid the hair too tight and ensure that the hair style is for a very short duration. ,for instance no less than two weeks. 

Box braids

Box braids is one of those hairstyles that never ceases to be in vogue. It can be packed up in a bun, as a ponytail or more and its super edgy and easy to maintain.


The edgy dynamic twist braids is eternally in vogue and can be made in varying sizes. For instance medium, large or small. The twists can be style in multiple ways and is perfects for almost all occasions including weddings.

Bantu knots

This stylish hairstyle is very simple and really cute. It’s more of a traditional hairstyle which takes us back to our African roots. they are not actually knots but are small, coiled buns secured against the side of the head.



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