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John Madu Exhibit ‘Identity Tones’



Leadership Nigeria News Today

The much talked about John Madu showcase of ‘Identity Tones’ at the Artyrama Popup, Lagos began with a one-hour fireside chat with the artist followed by a series of viewings. Madu, a multi-disciplinary artist is passionate about what he does. His work is represented through personal iconographic symbols such as metaphors, texture, indigenous patterns and colours. Also, the philosophy behind his works rest on the premise that true art is based on a chain reaction to socio-economic issues or his immediate environment. In ‘Identity Tones’, his most recent work, Madu contemplates the effect of globalisation on African identity using collages, portraiture, figurative symbolism and mixed media to bring it to life.

The eclectic mix of source material is influenced by pop culture, African art history, music and lived experiences. Speaking on the collection, the artist states that ‘This work reflects the time that we live in. The spread of popular culture via social media has created an increase in cross cultural contacts which is a good thing, but original cultural practices can be lost in the process’ Madu adds ‘Identity tones captures how I interpret this new state of consciousness in this work,’ John Madu whose had two solos shows and has participated in group shows across the country explained.