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We Need More Sensitisation Against Vote Selling – Adewale



Victor Adewole is a House of Representatives aspirant from Kabba federal constituency in Kogi State. In this interview with SAM EGWU, he speaks about his party, the All Progressives Congress and other current issues.

Election in the country has become increasingly capital intensive. What is your take?

Basically, that is how it is. But it doesn’t really matter. What matters is whether the people believe in you, otherwise you will not be able to meet the financial demands. The most important thing is to keep the doors of your home open for all the people who troop in. How can you say you want to represent the people and your gates are closed both day and night. Try much as possible to meet the demands of the few no matter how little, it’s a sad thing to turn the people away outrighly, they will form their opinion about you from there. Those who approach you with problems that you can solve, solve them. With this approach, looking for billions before you venture into politics will be discouraged. Remember how the Ibadan based prominent politician late Lamidi Adedibu gained popularity and endeared himself to his people through his ‘amala’ politics. We have been put in a position where we believe so much in money politics thereby anybody can be elected and there is nothing we can do. Even when he chooses not to abide by his promises, he will boast that he paid for his election. There is need to continually educate our people on the need to de -emphasis money by not selling our future for pittance.

How do you rate the current House of Assembly in Kogi State?

Well, every State House of Assembly runs its own tide and climes Kogi State sixth Assembly is no exception.

Are you saying all is well?

Yes, of course. There is nowhere crisis of any kind can be ruled out completely no matter the factor that makes up history it’s a factor, even if it’s a dead factor. People may think Kogi State House of Assembly has a different course, I don’t believe that it is the way you see it, but we are on course. Despite all odds members are impacting positively on their constituency by putting back dividends of democracy. By and large the Kogi State House of Assembly is on course.

The opposition seems to have learned so much as to stage a dramatic come back in 2019. Do you see that happening?

Have you forgotten that we moved to APC in group. The group that joined APC from PDP is still intact, that cannot be taken unawares. Nobody puts all his cards necessary for winning election open on the table.

Are you telling the people that APC is fulfilling all their pledges?

Yes, and that is the party to beat when the time comes. It’s APC versus others.
What is the major drive behind your ambition to represent Kabba/Ijumu federal constituency on the platform of All Progressive Congress, (APC)? When you have a mission of making a positive change in the lives of the people and you are passionate about it and such a mission has not been accomplished, there is nothing stopping you from trying. I have a strong conviction that I can make a difference in the next Kabba federal constituency election on the platform of APC. I believe it is my time to contest the federal constituency election from my zone. You know I started as a councillor in my ward and having successfully completed that, I became a legislative aide where I learnt the rudiments of legislature. When you look at my pedigree you will be in tune with what I am saying.

What are you saying?

I have been in the political system for quite sometime now and the people are fully aware of my antecedents. My contributions to the development of the area can speak volumes. The people do not just believe in me but they are conversant with what I can do for them.

Shortly after your emergence as a member representing Ijum constituency in Kogi State House of Assembly on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party PDP, you dumped it, why?

I decided to dump the PDP because I believe in my mission and vision. The philosophy of PDP which attracted me into the party gradually eroded. I felt that if I continued to stay in the PDP there is no way I could achieve my mission in that party again. There was serious bickering and so much untoward mind boggling agitation of serious implications that was nearing internal implosion and the best way for me after due consultations with the constituency is to dump the party for All Progressive Congress, (APC). If I should wait what do I wait for in whose interest when my constituency has given me the green light to move to the other party in whose interest I am in the House of Assembly in Kogi State.

How would you realise your ambition of winning the election to represent your people most especially the political turf of Kabba/Ijumu federal axis? Those of us who started from the grassroots in the constituency are not new to the dictates of time. It might look that APC is relatively new but the operators are seasoned politicians who can spring surprises any day. And those in my constituency who are confidence in me are not new. We have stepped up our mobilisation and awareness drives and by the grace of God the party has become a household name among our people.




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