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Reviewing 8th Generation Toyota Camry



Few weeks ago, Toyota Nigeria Limited unveiled the new generation Toyota Camry in Lagos. In this piece, ANTHONY AWUNOR examined the features of the new car.

Recently, Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL) introduced the 8th generation Toyota Camry into the Nigerian automobile market.

The Camry model was first introduced in 1982 and has evolved through generations to the 8th generation model that TNL launched at their headquarters in Lekki area of Lagos. Since the introduction 36 years ago, the much celebrated Toyota Camry has sold over 18 million units across regions as at 2015

Within the period, Camry has undergone a total transformation and transition, from a proven sedan to one that pushes the limits.

Analysing the models being introduced in the Nigerian market: 2.5L and 3.5L petrol engines, marketing manager of TNL, Bayo Olawoyin revealed the following features:

Development Concept

Presenting the Toyota Camry to the public, Olawoyin said the car was manufactured as an outstanding vehicle with an appeal founded on rational aspects of QDR (Quality, Durability and Reliability).

According to him, it also possesses improved ride control, quietness and interior that projects an immediate feeling of excellence on one hand and a driving experience that everyone appreciates

Unique Selling Points

According to the presenter, the Camry also comes with leading fuel economy and driving performance which offer high efficiency, high power next generation “Dynamic Force Engine,” powerful acceleration and new direct shift 8AT contributing to low fuel consumption. There is also sequential shifter that allows shift operation like in manual transmission, improved noise reduction.

Equipped with light weight high rigidity body and new suspension, the new Camry also features new double wishbone rear suspension system, low centre of gravity resulting from overall height, floor height, lowered hood, high rigidity body with a 30 per cent  increased torsional rigidity. Others are new four point engine mount to reduce engine vibration transmitted to the cabin, sound deadening and sound insulation material with increased areas and thickness.

Safety Performance

The 8th generation Camry has safety body with a leading global rating and advanced safety, high strength cabin and collision support body to effectively absorb and disperse shock, all speed dynamic radar cruise control.

There is also provision for segment leading advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI), an intuitive, easy to use next generation interface and easy to read information display screen, easy to see 8 inch audio system, sporty space that surrounds the driver and increased cabin space.

Other safety features include an Advanced Airbag System with advanced dual-stage SRS driver and front passenger airbags, in addition to front and rear side curtain airbags. There are nine airbags in all and all focuses on  safety of the driver. In addition, when the brake-hold switch is ON and the transmission is engaged other than Park or Reverse, the brake is automatically applied. In fact, the electronic parking brake would automatically engage after three minutes if the car has not moved.

The new Camry is equipped with newly developed direct shift 8-Speed automatic transmission which improves acceleration from a stop, provides a smooth ride even at high speeds and helps enhance fuel efficiency. The three distinct available drive modes give you even more control. Sport mode indulges your spirited side with a sharper acceleration feel, Eco mode adjusts throttle input to maximise your efficiency. Normal mode blends fuel economy with performance. Thanks to this choice of drive modes, a perfectly tailored drive arrives with the push of a button.

Engine Performance

Camry offers a compelling choice of petrol engines, the all-new 2.5L Dynamic Force 4-cylinder and a new 3.5L V6, each delivering a sophisticated blend of performance and efficiency. Both engines utilise the D-4S direct-injection system, which selects the optimal injection method based on driving conditions to pack a powerful punch with enhanced fuel economy to boot. The new 2.5L engine has improved performance by approximately 6 per cent  over that of the outgone model.

Utility and Comfort

Rear seat can be reclined at the touch of a button, reduced gap between windshield and roof to reduce wind noise, a hood silencer to keep engine noise out of the cabin, rear control panel allows power seat, power sun shade and AC adjustment from the rear cabin of the vehicle.

Quick Specifications and Accessories

For 2.5L engine, it has 215/55R17 tire size, 6 Speed Automatic Transmission, eight inches Display Audio, DVD, 6 speakers, dual auto AC, 1-12V console box, 2 USB at rear, Push Start, Cruise Control, Clearance/Back Sonar, Reverse Camera

For 3.5L engine, it has 235/45R18 tire size, 8 Speed Automatic Transmission, 8 Inches Display Audio, DVD, 6 Speakers, 3-Zone Auto AC, 1-12V console box,2USB at rear, Push Start, Cruise Control, Clearance and Back Sonar, Reverse Camera, Rear seat control panel, reclinable rear seat.




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