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Avoid Travelling Abroad Through The Deserts – Libyan Returnee



Chairman, Organisation of Libyan Returnees, Chris Obinna Bolton has advised Nigerian youths to resist any temptation of travelling abroad through the deserts, especially through Libya.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, Bolton noted that many Nigerian youths have died in the deserts on their way to foreign countries, while passing through Libyan routes.

He disclosed that they were 32 Nigerians that left the country to abroad, through the desert, adding that it was only 16 of them that reached Libya, while the remaining 16 died in the desert.

“We were about 32 youths that left Nigeria, through Algadeez, to Libya, but it was only 16 of us that could make it to Libya. The other 16 youths who could not make it to Libya, died in the desert.

The man leading us left us in the desert that he was going to get water for us to drink. We were in the desert for four days, without water and people started drinking their urine just to survive. It was at that point that 16 of them gave up.”

Bolton explained that the organisation was formed to stop this suicide mission by many Nigerian youths and to prevent them from travelling from Nigeria to Libya, through the desert.

“I have seen and experienced what is happening there. So, it is something that we would like to tell the world to advise our fellow youths not to take that route to Libya, when travelling abroad. Because I was one of the people that came back to Nigeria, I said I will not sit down and watch this happen to our youths travelling to Libya.”



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