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We Are Resuscitating Entertainment In Jos – Omedan



Mr Daniel Okwuokei famously known as Omodan, is a man of many parts; an event MC, comedian, on air personality with Silverbird Rhythm 93.7 Jos, Brand influencer, Motivational Speaker, Event consultant, Entrepreneur, and family man. He is the CEO of D’Origin Entertainment company and the Convener, “talents not enough” educative platform for young minds. He speaks with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM on sundry issues.

What informed your decision to go into the comedy?

First, the passion. Secondly, to make a living and impact through it.

Since you started, how has the reception been?

At the beginning, it was very poor, but now the reception is amazing. People are always eager to see or hear me do my thing on stage.

What is comedy to you?

For me, comedy is “life” in itself. It resuscitate any dying situation or mood and gives vigour to every atmosphere it finds itself.

Tell us about your profession and the motif for making Jos your base?

Like you already know, I’m a comedian, corporate and social Mc, Creative director, OAP with Rhythm 93.7 Jos, pioneer and brand influencer of Jos ethical/gospel genre of comedy, etc with several recognition awards. I’m Deltan by origin, breed in Lagos, and based in Jos.

Jos became my base, after graduating from the University of Jos in 2009. Considering the weather, the untapped tourism and entertainment potentials embedded in the land, and its future emerging market in Nigeria. It became a safe haven for me to thrive.

How is entertainment in Jos with insecurity?

I must confess, it’s not been easy. The entertainment industry in Jos has suffered so much set backs in terms of social development and corporate investments, as compared to how it was before. But we are resuscitating entertainment in Jos.

As an on air personality, what do someone like you need to break into the industry?

Connections, Right platforms, creative ideas, consistency, and above all, God’s grace.

Tell us about your entertainment company and what is it set out to do?

I run a corporate entertainment company called “D’Origin Entertainment”. We provide entertainment, events and media services to our respective customers. It’s a  one- stop shop for your entertainment and event needs.

How do you get your jokes and how do you set up the mood before cracking the audience?

My jokes come from situations around; what I hear, see, or most often from deep imaginations. Well, setting up the mood of an audience, depends on the audience. What appeals to the young, might not appeal to the old.

What are you promoting now?

Hmmmm. So many, as they come.

What is/are the basic different between your jokes and others we’ve been hearing?

Laugh. I think it’s just basically keeping mine clean, ethical and thought provoking.

What message do you carry in your jokes?

Life lessons

How do you get your funding, do you have partners?

Mostly, from my pocket and with little support from brand partners when need arises.

What is your most embarrassing moment(s)?

Some years ago, I could remember myself jiggling, confused, and sweating profusely on stage while performing in a show for the first time before some of my senior colleagues. I could hear loudly the veteran Julius Agwu and others, screaming pitiably “what’s wrong with him….?”. I became a laughing stock. (Laughs)

What’s your take about the Nigerian music industry of today?

The truth is, the music industry is fast growing, but It’s more about the noise and beats, than good lyrics and quality songs. Which is unfortunately more appealing to the youth of today.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?

Well, God is the architect of my life. But as human, I want to see myself taking my trade to the international market.

What is your advice to upcoming comedians?

1. Don’t give up, preserve. 2. Keep working on yourself and learn to carve a niche that people will reckon with. 3. If no one believes in you, believe in yourself. 4. Stay humble, and focus on your goals.

5. Ultimately, hold on to God.




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