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70 Benefit From Mani Foundation Empowerment Scheme In C/River



Seventy persons yesterday in Calabar smiled home with a cash amount of seventy thousand naira each following the disbursement of cash from a nongovernmental organization operating in Nigeria under the aegis of Mani Robson Foundation to enable them start-up their small and medium
scale enterprises.

Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director CEO/MD to the foundation,
Emmanuel Essien Robson urged beneficiaries of the scheme not to keep the booty that will accrue as a result of benefiting from the
empowerment scheme to themselves but to empower others so as to kick
the scourge of poverty out from the state.

He said that with the grant crossriverians can still be great as they used to be in the past and urged the people to at all time make their
leaders accountable to the people.

Robson who is jostling to occupy the seat of Governor of Cross River
in 2019 under the platform of governing APC said that the leadership of the state has woefully failed its citizens stressing that as givers of the mandate, crossriverians still possessed the right to vote
whoever that has been found wanting out from office.

When asked to speak on the aims and objectives of the foundation, he said, “Mani Robson Foundation is set up to groom and empower our leaders. That is why you people are received the fund from the foundation.

“If tomorrow the funds grow properly to be at the level of my business, I wouldn’t say you should come and thank me but to empower others knowing too well that I have planted a seed which has germinated.

I do not expect that you come back and buy me a car, nice dress or
something eles. The biggest joy I would have, would be to see you
thriving and helping others.”

Cross River state is a state where brotherly love thrive, you see me
here today trying to give support to the beneficiaries I can say that nobody has prompted me to do so. It is the kindness which I learnt growing up in the state of city of Calabar.

“Where your neighbor is your mother even when your mother isn’t around and cooking for her child and she will ask you go and bring plate and let me put some for you.

“We have as a people, that strong bond, that community spirit. That is
what has prompted me to set up Robson foundation and I belief that
deep inside us it is our heritage which still resides. We just need a spark of fire to revive that spirit in every one of us.

He told the people not to allow themselves to be depress with what
they see nowadays in Cross River State .

“This is not us, we are a people that know and believed that a situation of this such is not in our character. Do not allow somebody inflict what I call intellectual or mental poverty on you.

“Yes many crossriverians have been degraded to the point of poverty of
the pocket. But when you are push to the point of mental poverty it
becomes a problem.

Robson who claimed to have the capacity to run the sate effectively
said that he is speaking as a messenger and voices of the people which he had heard behind the scene.

“People have been groaning in pain, crying in silence and suffering emotionally. I am telling you that right inside you have that strength to change that paradigm and narratives. What we see today in Cross River State is the banality of evil. You have it in you to stand and say no to any bad governance through you permanent voters card PVC





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