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Guides to Choosing Your Signature Fragrance



Scents are one of the strongest memory invoking triggers that can instantly captivate and capture individual attention. Knowing the right fragrance to choose for the right occasion and your skin type is key to ensuring you give everyone around you a pleasant memorable experience. The way accessories express your sense of style, is the same way scents can be used to showcase your personality.

Below are guides to enhance your perceptual experience and help you choose the right scent for you.

Choose the right brands

When picking out a fragrance choose the one that is designed to last. Typically, Eau de Parfums last longer than Eau de Toilette, but if you’d like to go for the best in terms of longevity, choose a niche fragrance brand such as Roja Parfums, Atelier des ors, The House of Oud, Franck Boclet, Jovoy and more. Unlike regular fragrances that are alcohol based, niche fragrances are oil based, and it is this higher concentration of essential oil that makes it last, even up to 24hours.

Choose the right notes

Now that you’ve decided on getting a niche brand, next is to pick the best ones out of the pack! Although they all last long, some last longer than others. A fragrance that is base heavy will last longer than one that isn’t because base notes are the ingredients that stay the longest; they include woods, amber, leather and musks. Fenicia by The Merchant of Venice;. Blessing Silence by The House of Oud, Ashes by Franck Boclet and Private Label by Jovoy are some prime representation of woody and spicy perfumes

Choose the right spots for application

First off, spray your perfume on your skin, not on your clothes! Your body chemistry and blood coursing through your veins actually helps your fragrance develop on your skin better than it does on fabrics. Pulse points are the best spots to apply your perfume for a long-lasting experience. Pulse points include behind the ears, base of throats, inside wrists, inside elbow and yes, behind your knees!

 Choose the right application method

Always spray your fragrance a few centimeters away from your skin and if you use moisturizers, we have a little trick for you. Spray your fragrance first, allow it to dry or sink into your skin, and do not rub. Once dry, apply your moisturizer on your skin to lock the scent in. Applying a moisturizer before spraying has also been found to produce a long-lasting result.

 Choose the right spot to store your fragrance

Always store your fragrance in a cool spot because heat, light and humidity breaks down perfume and reduces the quality of the fragrance as well as its performance ultimately. 



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