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Hadiza Abubakar And Synergy In Governance



Bauchi State, the Pearl of Tourism is working under the dynamic and purposeful leadership of Governor Muhammed Abdullahi Abubakar is no longer news. He has surpassed the achievements of most of his predecessors put together; having transformed the previously moribund state into a model for socio-economic development, massive manufacturing and infrastructural hub, his accomplishments are unprecedented in the history of the North-East geopolitical zone.

Having assumed office with an awesome operational, administrative and organizational blueprint that’s geared towards the delivery of critical democratic dividends to the people, it is no small wonder that Governor M.A. Abubakar succeeded where others have dismally failed. His performance justifies the view that his predecessors were not at all prepared for office, not to mention governing in a manner that could elicit excitement and palpable admiration from the hoi-polloi.

At the end of his tenure, Mallam Yuguda could not point to any project of note that he had completed. Deservedly, however, the people rewarded him in the 2015 general elections when he ran for the Senate position and could not deliver more than two local governments out of the seven in his senatorial zone.

Isa Yuguda suffered humiliating defeat at the hands of his APC rival, late Senator Ali Wakili.

However, Governor Abubakar is cut from an entirely different cloth than Yuguda as he has an ingrained regard for the people and a deeply sympathetic disposition towards their plights. Although he comes from a privileged background, Abubakar believes in the principle of noblesse oblige to whom much is given, much is to be expected. He holds a strong view that those who are well off should assist their less endowed brethren.

Thus, in the crucial areas of health, education, power, roads, rural infrastructure, agriculture, portable water, manpower development, security and women and youth empowerment, the action oriented chief executive has delivered on his promises to the people not caring whose ox is gored in the process. He has vowed to work for the interests of the common people not to service or massage the egos of the high and mighty.

In this regard, Bauchi is an extremely lucky state. It is blessed because, apart from the governor’s wonders in the aforementioned sectors, he has also been complemented by the compassionate and benevolent inputs of his amiable First Lady, Hajiya Hadiza Abubakar. She is also the articulate chairperson of the Northern Governors Wives Forum a group that is passionately dedicated to complementing and supporting the activities and programs of their spouses in the socio-economic and developmental spheres and the achievements under her stewardship is unprecedented.

In this regard, Hajiya Abubakar’s (BSWEEP) has taken giant strides in empowering thousands of women, children, widows, the indigent, the artisans and the physically challenged as she has lined up numerous skills acquisition programs which involves training of the selected individuals in skills and acquisition and at the end of the training program, providing them with tools and equipment as well as monetary take-off grants so that they can find their feet in the trading arena.

The beneficiaries are drawn from all the three senatorial districts of Bauchi State without regard to linguistic, ethic, religious or partisan affiliation as the compassionate first lady believes that all eligible persons should benefit and not just those that are selected by party faithful’s or influential traditional rulers. Apart from the skills acquisition programs, the benevolent Hajiya Hadiza Abubakar also donates cash gifts, provisions and household items to the needy and countless motherless babies’ homes as part of her emancipation agenda.

She has traversed the length and breadth of Bauchi State in her avowed mission of uplifting the vulnerable elements of the society.

Recently, she donated food items and provision to over 14,000 women, a feat unprecedented in the history of the nation. Hajiya Abubakar’s passion for the rapid and sustained education of the girl child is legendary and it has formed a crucial plank of her developmental desiderata and this has been further reinvigorated by ceaseless campaigns, outreaches and community sensitization programs urging parents and guardians to send their female children or wards to primary, secondary and even tertiary institutions.

It is worthy of note that the BSWEEP has identified 6,000 children mostly girls who have pulled out of school due to poverty and other social problems and is working with UNESCO to re-enrol them.

In furtherance of her education development agenda, Hajiya Hadiza Abubakar’s pet project has awarded scholarship to 115 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and other vulnerable children to acquire education in various schools in the state apart from the regular payment of registration fees, purchase of uniform bags, textbooks, and exercise books etc.

Maternal and Infant Mortality, MIM rate reduction is also a major pillar of Hajiya Hadiza Abubakar’s social development crusade as increased enlightenment campaigns and the accelerated training of midwives in safe methods of delivery has seen a dramatic drop in Maternal and Infant Mortality, MIM cases, thus boosting the healthy living index of the state for the better.

Ahmadu write from Bauchi





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