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My Friendly Nature Gives Me An Edge – Nabinan



Angelina Nabinan Da’ang is from Plateau state and Pan by ethnic group. She was born on 5 May, 1962 to the family of Mr Daniel Dabia Da’ang and his wife, Raota, at Kawo Clinic in Kaduna State. She is the first of 14 children. Nabinan  attended Our Lady School, Kaduna,  Akoma Memorial Primary School Arochukwu RCM Primary School, Dimack in Quan-pan Local Government. After that, she attended Government Teachers College, Garkawa then College of Education Akwanga.  She then proceeded to the University of Jos for her degree. She is a teacher but does poultry and farming. She is married with four children.


My name is Angelina Nabinan Da’ang. I am from Plateau state and Pan by ethnic group. I was born on 5 May, 1962 to the family of Mr Daniel Dabia Da’ang and his wife, Raota, at Kawo Clinic in Kaduna State. I am the first of 14 children. I started my educational career in Kaduna state at Our Lady High School. From there I proceeded to Akoma Memorial Primary School Arochukwu where I lived with my uncle who died shortly after.  Then I went back to my mother in Plateau state where I attended RCM Primary School, Dimack in Quan-pan Local Government. After that, I attended the Government Teachers College, Garkawa. After I got married, I went to College of Education Akwanga then started teaching at RCM Doma. Before the creation of more states I relocated to Plateau State and started work at Government Secondary School Gangare and proceeded to the University of Jos for my degree then got employed as a teacher. I am a civil servant who is into the bar, poultry and farming business. I am married and blessed with four children who are doing well.

When did you start the business?

It all started immediately after my primary school with buying and selling to enable me pay tuition fees. After that my dad who was a policeman relocated back home and insisted I concentrate on my studies, so he became my sole sponsor. After secondary school and college of education I continued the business of buying and selling okrika bags, shoes and with the little gain I went into snacks and with the capital while in the university I started the poultry business (turkey, layers and broilers) and I still do. I later got a better location for the bar business.


Some years back I lost a lot of birds to the bird flu but it did not break me as I am stronger and more determined to make it.

Most Memorable Day

My most memorable day was when I gave birth to my first child and building a house with the proceeds of my business.

How are you different from others?

When it comes to my poultry business, the trademark has been to put the best in the market by feeding them well. And this has worked out well as it boost sales and referrals. My friendly nature also gives me an edge in the bar business as well as attention to details.


I find solace in prayer alone as it has kept me going through the years.


My hobbies are reading and listening to country music.

Who taught you?

I learnt from my mother who sold local beer back in the days and whenever I was home for the break I assisted her in the business. Also, I have been successful in grooming my children in various businesses and this has made them financially independent as everyone contributes his/her quota to keep the home moving.

How are you able to combine business with family?

Initially it was not easy to create time for family and business without the other suffering but eventually I succeeded and I can confidently say business does not affect family and vice versa.

Plans for the business

I see myself still in the farming, poultry and bar business putting every idea that comes to use for the expansion of my business.

Advice to fellow women?

My advice is for women to stop being dependent on anyone especially men because with the way society is going, it will be good they involve themselves in one business or the other. To the married women, they should not fold their arms waiting for their spouse to do everything as two good heads are better than one. Besides, being independent earns them respect. The girl-child should not wait for white-collar jobs as they can as well create jobs for themselves. I have a daughter who earns more than most people with white-collar jobs.


I have improved tremendously in the aspect of business management, client/customer relationship and so on. I have also been able to contribute my quota to meeting my children’s needs in school.



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