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Ondo Cult Member Gets life Imprisonment For Rape



Adedotun Moses, a convicted cultist may now spend the rest of his life behind bars as a High Court sitting in Akure, Ono State has sentenced him to seven years imprisoned for been a member of a cult group and a life imprisonment for raping a student.

Justice Samuel Bola of Court “4” of the High Court who gave the verdict stated that the evidences brought before the High court had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime.

Justice Bola said the culprit who had been found to be a member of a cult group that is based in Nasarawa State called “Arogbale” used his gang to terrorize his neighbours on his street.

Moses was also alleged to have had forcefully had carnal knowledge of a student of the Adeyemi College of Education who lives off campus and simply identified as Miss Suara.

Meanwhile, the victim (Suara) who narrated the ordeal she passed through in the hand Moses before the court said that she was a neighbour who lived close to the notorious cult member.

“On the fateful day I was raped. He lured me into his room on the pretence of sending me to buy him groundnuts and directed me to wait for him in his room as soon as I came back with the groundnuts.

“I met a guy in his room when I entered but he had sent the guy out of the room when I came back.

“He told me that he was going to rape me and I started to beg him but he refused to listen and stripped off my underwears while holding a cutlass and then had carnal knowledge of me.”

She further testified during the trial that all through the ordeal, she pleaded with him that she was a virgin but that he was not dissuaded from his agonising mission and went until he ejaculated inside her.

“When he got off me, he forced me to stay indoors and stated that he would still have more after he had taken some fresh air outside and he went outside while shutting the door.

“It was then that I summoned the courage to use his phone which he left inside the room to call my roommate who later came with other neighbours to confront him and I was rescued.

“After the excruciating ordeal, I went to report him to the Student Union Government’s President who came the next day to arrest him.

“And handed him over to the police after which I was taken to the school clinic for examination and treatment.”

Meanwhile, during the physical examination of the girl, the doctor, Adekunle Adebayo, who also testified in court revealed a roughly ruptured hymen which was still tender and that the victim complained of pains around the area which signified a forceful entry.

Stella Adegoke, defence counsel, during cross examination called on the police witness, Sergeant Vincent Okoro who stated that on the 8th of July, the accused was brought to the police station and that on the 10th of same month, the police had closed its investigation after visiting the crime scene with a team of policemen and security operatives from the college along with the accused person.



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