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The Chivalrous Man’s Guide To Keeping His Lady Happy



Meeting a chivalrous man isn’t something we see everyday because men these days don’t really have that kind of patience and when we finally meet one, it feels unusual but still really sweet. Women tend to fall easily for men who exude chivalrous behaviours towards them. This serves to reminds us that there are still gentlemen out there. Some men don’t do this acts for a legit purpose while some do it because that is what they believe men are there for.

A few of these chivalrous actions are listed below:

 Opening doors: this is actually one of the most common chivalrous acts by a man. A guy would take his time to come around and open the car door for a lady, (young or old) and small children. This shows that he doesn’t want you stressing your self over even something as little as opening a door. It really doesn’t have to be something grand, it could be one of the littlest actions that triggers affections.

 Sending gifts: unexpected gifts are just one of the sweetest things ever. If there’s anything that could put a smile on a womans face, it would definitely be gifts for no reason except just being. Perhaps gifts like flowers, chocolates and maybe food from her favourite restaurant to her home or work place every now and then wouldn’t hurt your cause.

Sacrificing your coat for her:  a man giving up his coat for a lady is a very generous act. Draping coat of a lady when she’s shivering and making sure she’s warm is really sweet.

Giving compliments: it could be about the way she walks or talks, a new hair do, a dress, make over, just anything could bring a smile to her face and equally brighten up her entire day.

Saving the last bite of food: its a popular belief that the way to a man’s heart is his food. So when a man displays such an act of generosity which is saving the last bite for a lady, it actually means a lot.

 Walking on the outside of the curb: this particular act of chivalry makes a lady feel protected. I mean, every woman likes feeling protected in one way or the other.




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