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2019: Dankwambo Weathering The Political Storm



With the interesting and mindboggling events unfolding within the nation’s political environment, 2019 general election is going to be an interesting encounter between the jokers and the political tragedians.

The declaration of his intention to contest in the forthcoming presidential election is a monumental display of humility and a strong belief in our democracy. Gombe State Governor, Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo PhD of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is a man who is clearly and easily the most widely admired and trusted politician in his party with untainted and clean public service record.

The uncanny splendor he has brought to governance in his state where, of course, he is rounding off his second term as the state Chief Executive, is a glowing testimony of his capacity to deliver as a president of the world’s largest black nation, Nigeria.

In fact, the country is at a critical point. There is palpable fear and distrust across the nation, no thanks to the divisive politicking of the ruling party, the need for a bridge builder like Dankwambo is therefore very germane and a course worth supporting.

Talking about building bridges and ensuring fair, respectful and equitable treatment of everyone irrespective of our differences, Gov. Dankwambo has already set a machinery in motion with a view to getting in touch with the relevant stakeholders across the nation.

This is of a particular interest to watchers of politics, pundits, and our political process. One will recall that, unlike the desperado politicians who are so power hungry, Dankwambo is a man of immense patience and comportment to say the least. And despite his historic performance as the executive governor of his state, he never exhibited any inordinate or untoward body language to the presidential race. His admirers across the country and across the party lines were practically on his back urging him to declare his intention to run this race and get the country out of the woods.

In my estimation, what this teaches other politicians is the need to see politics through the correct lens. It is a service to the people, and rather than being too ambitious for power, political aspirations must be tried by the barometer of the people’s opinion.

Of a truth, Ibrahim Dankwambo has done due diligence to this and have secured the ‘approval’ of the people, the people across the country who have watched him grow, serve and show himself trustworthy. We cannot overemphasize the fact that when it comes to integrity and competence, the accounting Czar flogs many Nigerian politicians’ arms down.

He is easy the cleanest guy. Probity, competence, trust. Dankwambo has the right elements needed in all ramification for repositioning our battered nation.

But aside these, what does a Dankwambo candidacy hold for his great party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP? The answer, without mincing words, is acceptability. Ibrahim Dankwambo is certainly a winning card for his party and his name is synonymous with competency and good governance. This can be clearly deduced by the way in which the young cool but highly energetic Doctor has been received by party stakeholders and other party’s stalwarts across the nation. Dankwambo, upon declaring his intentions, has commenced a robust interface with party delegates.

On 4th August, 2018, he made history by declaring that, he accepted the calls and had decided to contest for the presidential election come 2019 amidst great jubilation in the banquet hall of the government house, Gombe addressing the delegate of the northeastern geo political zone.

Shortly, he proceeded to Kaduna city in Kaduna state for the north west leg of his meetings with PDP delegates. It is noteworthy to state that in Kaduna, the crowd was so mammoth. The APC supporters in the state were jittery and were forced to believed that, Dankwambo is in town and they became apprehensive that the PDP had indeed bounced back.

One may not expect otherwise. Dankwambo and Muhammdu Buhari are worlds apart in terms of leadership that is devoid of vindictiveness, vengefulness and believability. Anyone who values competency in governance, would easily dump Buhari for Dr Dankwambo. Simply put, Dankwambo can be trusted with power.

From Kaduna, the Dankwambo’s familiarization and consultation train has reached the north central zone where he has been able to interact with PDP delegates in Abuja, the FCT. The acceptance there indicates that what all the party members care about is their party having a bankable flag bearer who would not only defeat the APC but restore the glory of our dear country and move to heal every wound inflicted by the APC misrule. This is a lesson for a PDP that truly mean business come 2019.

At Abeokuta in Ogun State and other part of the country, Dankwambo has again demonstrated why he is the best pick for his party, the PDP. Aside being able to rally the support of party members and the party delegates in their numbers, the bridge builder Dankwambo was able to secure a robust audience with the Ẹbọra of Òwú an erstwhile avowed enemy of the Peoples Democratic Party. The warm embrace Dankwambo got from President Obasanjo shows that beyond the fact that Dankwambo was his appointee, the former president holds Gov Dankwambo in a very high esteem.

Peace and peaceful co-existence matter to all of us. With peace comes growth and development and true prosperity. We treasure those whose body languages, characters and values represent peace and not violence and rancor. It helps when they are smart at their jobs. It is great when they are not deceitful or corrupt. It is wonderful if they have good sense of judgement, equity, respect for the rule of law. This is who the man Dankwambo is.

– Kera is a Communication Strategist based in Kaduna


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