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As 2019 Beckons In Jewel Of The Savannah



Leadership Nigeria News Today

As the most universally accepted form of government, democracy which has its cardinal attributes centered around the people’s interest has given the electorates the chance of being partners in defining their political future.

The beauty of the system lies with the power it confers on the mighty and the lowly to have their voices heard and also have the freedom to pursue their life dreams and aspirations while ensuring that people achieve success through fair and transparent processes. This ultimately means that, those who get what, why and how are those with the capacity to effectively lead and shower the dividends of democracy to them.

In recent times, there is arguably no other state where this tenet is being observed and respected in our dear country than Gombe State where the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has demonstrated a great sense of respect to due process and constitutional provisions by playing the game according to its rule.

But like in other processes or provisions, the democracy around elective offices gives room for those without any notable contributions to human and infrastructural development of the state to want ingratiate into the hearts of unsuspecting voters. This is where merchants of hope must not fail. Anyone who has the privilege must ensure that voters are effectively empowered by information so that they can make informed voting decisions.

This is by every standard a noble assignment as the success of our society hugely depends on getting the right persons to get into offices for the betterment of the society they’ll represent. It is hoped that when by strengthening the process, making it attractive to our bests, we would be nurturing a leadership climate that will in turn entrench growth and development and raise the standard of governance.

Having elaborated earlier about the need to ensure aspirants with track record of verifiable contribution to the growth of Gombe State, followers and watchers of Gombe sociopolitical environment will almost instantly have their bias tilted in favour of one of the most notable prospects in the person of Hon Ahmed Abubakar Walama (Dan Galadiman Dukku).

Walama, as he is fondly called, who is the commissioner for local government and community development typifies the sort of leaders that Gombe currently badly needs to consolidate on the gains from the purposeful stewardship of the Dankwambo administration.

And being a major stakeholder in the overwhelming success recorded by the current administration under the dynamic and purposeful leadership of His Excellency, Dr Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, Walama no doubt possesses the needed political and leadership education that is necessary to build and expand the frontiers of governance in Gombe. Walama’s loyalty and commitment to the strong footing of his party, the PDP, in the state despite the contrary interest of the ruling party shows that he is a man that can be trusted and counted on when the going is tough.

He has an immense popularity in Gombe and good family background. And he is a household name in Gombe State. Thanks to his consistent touch with people, irrespective of their social or economic status. This has kept him soaring for the past 16 years. This is a political capital that his party must leverage on.

Like his principal, Dankwambo, Walama has earned for himself a professional and public service record that is untainted. It must resound to all that the path of excellence in governance is not only to refrain from stealing, which of course is great, but to have a professional and public service life that achieve set objectives and has set a good precedence for all to inculcate.

The facts are clear that, Hon Walama has led a sustained advocacy for rural development agenda of the Dankwambo’s administration. This is perhaps the biggest political goldmine that cemented the loyalty of the people to the administration of the Talban Gombe. He has meritoriously served in many organizations and has proven himself worthy of bigger responsibilities.

Apart from his stint at the nation’s petroleum company, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC), the National Fertilizer Company of Nigeria NAFCON and other high-profile companies and private organizations, Walama has given himself to the service of our dear country and the state of Gombe. He was Chairman Dukku local government and during his time, he chaired the state’s chapter of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON). He wore the hats with great efficiency.

Today, as a well performing Commissioner, the man has a credential that cannot be matched by those who are eyeing the gubernatorial seat. He is easily the only candidate with the right political experience and acceptability that can easily neutralize whatever the opposition is scheming and give the PDP the success it requires in the 2019 general election.

It is therefore a wakeup call to the PDP family in Gombe to ensure that a sterling material like Hon Walama secures the nod of the party and its stakeholders. His sociopolitical exploits must be drummed loudly to remind stakeholders of the sanctity of performance and track record.

In our current political environment, leadership positions will answer to credentials, which is the record of achievements an aspirant can point to. Fortunately, Ahmed Walama has much more than may be needed. No wonder, among the arrays of aspirants in the PDP, Walama has been the only name that seems to be comfortably accepted by not only the PDP, but also the majority of the people of Gombe State and as we approach the election period, his chance of clinching his party’s ticket and subsequently emerging the winner in the general election is waxing stronger.


– Garba writes from Gombe.