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Bauchi By-Election: Another Victory For APC



The election has come and gone. Honourable Lawal Yahaya Gumau of the APC has been declared winner of the Bauchi South Senatorial district Bye-election. He scored 119,489 votes to beat other 5 contestants from the PDP, Green Party, NNPP, APP& SDP. Former Governor Isa Yuguda was among those who contested under the Green Party. He came third.

It was a hotly contested fight. There was no doubt about that. All the contestants fought gallantly traversing the nooks and corners of the state canvassing for votes, taking no chances.

The victory of Lawal Yahaya Gumau is a victory for the APC and a victory for president Buhari who came personally prior to the election to solicit for favour from Bauchi people on behalf of Gumau.

But greater victory goes to Governor Muhammed Abdullahi Abubakar who successfully ‘delivered’ Buhari’s message to Bauchi electorates, and who in turn, kept the faith by voting for Buhari’s choice. Had Governor Abubakar failed to deliver buhari’s choice and APC candidate, both Buhari and the party would  have lost confidence in him.

Another area governor Abubakar scored a point of victory was in the peaceful conduct of the election. There was no recorded  cases of violence, ballot snatching and acts capable of breaching the peace. Everything was carried out free of crises. As the chief security Officer of the state, governor Abubakar ought to take responsibility for the success or failure of the election exercise, and he was lucky the exercise was a success.

The greatest victory Governor M.A. Abubakar scored was on how he dealt a severe blow to the opposition. Nobody could tell why and how the opposition parties failed to unite and present a single candidate to face the ruling APC. The Governor used his political strategy and skills to take advantage of the disunity among the opposition parties to campaign vigorously for his   APC candidate, pretending as if the opposition did not exist or was not a threat at all. Throughout the campaign period, the governor and the APC did not waste much time speaking on the other candidates.

The outcome of the Bauchi South senatorial election and the subsequent victory of the APC has also sent a signal of what is to be expected in 2019 elections. The message is clear. The APC and the governor are unstoppable. If the party could marshal such a formidable force to fight and win a bye-election to the senate, what more of the much awaited general election  coming up in 2019?

There is no doubt that both the governor and the APC might have used the bye-election in order to test the waters ahead of 2019 and so far, the waters are free of crocodiles.

For governor Abubakar, this is not the first time he will survive the ‘holocaust’ and emerge victorious in political ‘trouble waters’. In the past, opposition did all they could to frustrate president Buhari from visiting Bauchi state, but in the end, Buhari came twice. There was a time leading heavyweights of the APC from the state went to Abuja and laid several complaints to the president against the governor.

Nothing came out of it. Recently, some senior citizens from Bauchi South have also pitched their tents with the speaker of the House of Representatives Hon. Yakubu Dogora, against the governor, and even paid for an advertorial in one of the National Dailies to present their case to the president. Nothing came out of it.

It is clear that whatever anyone might say about the governor, the fact is president Buhari has soft spot for him. This is demonstrated during the recent visit of the president to the state, when he was quoted as publicity commending the governor for keeping the trust. Besides, the opposition have failed on ‘check’ the governor who has so far demonstrated his cunning ability to whether the storm and achieve his aims in spite of all odds. Prior to the Bauchi South Senatorial Election, two leading party members who are members of the state House of assembly have left the party and joined the SDP and APP respectively. In what may appear to be a serious blow to the party, the governor was not moved by their defections since he never for once referred to them either in public speech or throughout the senatorial campaign exercise. That was not the first time senior party members or officials of government would leave. As far as the governor is concerned, it is forward ever, backward never. In the heat of his disagreement with  members of the National assembly from the state, popularly call the Abuja politicians, the governor had to fight the battle of his life, but in the end the governor has emerged victorious since nearly all the members are now with him. The governor has clearly shown that he could even do without the speaker Hon. Yakubu Dogara, who as far as the governor and his supporters are concerned, could leave the party anytime he wishes.

The senatorial bye-election and the subsequent outcome, must have taught a lesson or two to both the winners and looser. For the winners, it is clear to them that the ‘Buhari phenomenon’ is still very much alive since the greatest factor responsible for their victory was because Buhari raised Lawal’s hands. The winners have also read the writing on the wall as far as the current political situation is concerned and must make amends where necessary especially as 2019 is fast approaching. It must have became clear to the winners too, that victory only come after painstaking efforts and that nothing good comes easy. For the loosers, the bitter truth is, a house divided against itself cannot stand and that personal ambition should not be allowed to override the greater interests of Bauchi state if at all the intention is noble, sincere and honest.

For Governor M.A. Abubakar, nobody could be much happier.

– Takko wrote in from Fadaman Mada, Bauchi, Bauchi State.




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