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How To Handle A Cheating Partner



Being cheated on is an awful feeling, but how you handle it can play a big role in your recovery. Whether you try to rebuild the relationship or you decide to end things, learn how you can heal and move on.

First of all, decide whether or not you want to re-establish trust. When a partner is unfaithful, it is a serious breach of trust. And it is something that may indicate that this person is not worthy or capable of a healthy relationship. On one hand, good people make bad choices and if they are truly sorry and can make amends, forgiveness can lead to an even better relationship. Also, if you simply cannot trust that person again, the relationship is effectively dead. Some key things to consider:

Is your partner truly sorry?

Did they voluntarily tell you, or did you find out from someone else?

Has this sort of behavior happened before, or has he or she promised to not do it, and it has continued or gotten worse?

Is this part of a larger picture of poor behavior towards you?

Is your partner willing to take steps to mend the relationship (if you decide you want to go that route) such as marital counseling, quitting a job, moving.

Do you feel you want to trust this person again? There is no right or wrong answer for this. This is entirely up to the person who has been cheated on. It does not matter if the person who has cheated is sorry, made amends, and so on — this can be a deal breaker plain and simple.

Feelings may change with time and further experience with the cheating partner. It can go one way or the other. This is natural.

Well-meaning friends and relatives may want to give simple advice to make a quick, definitive decision. Be aware that you do not have to make a decision right away in most cases. It is your life.

Request that your partner cut off all communication with the third party. The third (or even fourth or fifth) party needs to be out of the picture for the relationship to survive.




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