Former minister of Aviation, Chief Osita Chidoka, has said that electing leader with aspirations will make Nigeria great and responsible.

Chief Osita who stated this at weekend while addressing conference with the Theme ‘This generation’ organised by Summit Bible Church in Abuja.

Osita said, “We need to elect leaders that respect our aspiration, restore hope and dream as a country.

“We need to restore the service of public servant, the idea of public servant is to service the public not the public to service you. Nigeria cannot be great, until we rebuild the public servant because the management of the country are public servants, if there is no power, education and health is the failure of public servants,” he said.

In his remarks: the founder Summit Bible Church and president, Buildman Foundation, Dr Andy Osakwe said, “Leaders come from the people and are a reflection in some form or another of the character of the people.

“We have come to remind Nigerians that we are responsible for our present condition and we will be responsible for our future, and so we must hold ourselves accountable.

“To achieve this we must address the mindset problem that has created the cycles of corruption, mediocrity and retrogression that we have become so used to as Nigerians,” he said.