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Oluwo Calls For Cancellation Of Certificate Of Origin



Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, in his unrepentant commitment at promoting national unity, has called on the federal government led by President Muhammed Buhari to consider the cancellation of Certificate of Origin.

Oluwo said disregarding the origin certificate will ensure sense of belonging amongst Nigerians who are marginalised on ethnic attachment and cultural affiliation.

He noted the campaign is only achievable with the cooperation and promulgation of the cancellation by the government, calling on all stakeholders to embrace the suggestion, assuring everyone of its futility at promoting oneness.

A statement by Oluwo’s press secretary, Alli Ibraheem notes, “National integration is a function of cooperation among Nigerians. One of the best options our government can device is to cancel the compulsory Certificate of State of Origin. The Certificate is a barrier to many opportunities among Nigerians. It is a constraint to access resources of equal advantage in term of employment, school admission, political representation and many indices of national integration.

“As a listening President, Muhammed Buhari and his cabinet need to consider the cancellation of Certificate of Origin for cross cultural integration. The origin barrier to quality political representation, academic pursuit and  other lubricants of cross cultural opportunities.” Oluwo called on all institutions such as higher institutions, government agencies and private establishments to relax criteria for school admission and employment to harmonise Nigerians the more.

Oba Akanbi condemned the catchment area pronounced for school’s admission as unnecessary, implored the specialised ministry to lift the constraint for national interest.

The monarch equally criticised the employment strictness relating to request of Certificate of Origin.

Oluwo appealed to government to device unity oriented policies to strengthen Nigeria and bind Nigerians as indivisible entity.

According to him, “Nigeria cannot be divided. As a traditional ruler, I’ve the solution and I won’t keep quite. I’m performing my advisory role as a father to the nation. I’m a Nigerian in Nigeria.”

Recall that the monarch has earlier called himself an emir of Yoruba land, stressing that he is the Igwe to the Hausas in his domain.

“I’m an Oba, an Emir and Igwe to Nigerians. I’ve people from all settlements within Nigeria under me. Our collective interest should be focused to ensure our unity. And I charge government to legislate unity oriented bill such as the cancellation of Certificate of Origin for national integration,” said Oluwo.





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