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Police Commissioner In Court Over Criminal Conspiracy




A Spanish police commissioner, José Villarejo is having his day in court over a wide-ranging investigation about Corruption in Spain.

According to court documents in Spain, Equatorial Guinea has a
crucial role to play in the investigations. Court documents show that 5.3 million Euros were paid Villarejo to investigate, spy, and lead a
campaign in Europe to ruin the image of Gabriel Obiang Lima, the country’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining. The campaign will undermine any persons associate with Gabriel Lima in and outsider Equatorial Guinea.

Since the 5th of November, Police commissioner José Villarejo who is
under indictment and held in preventive custody after being arrested in the ‘Tandem operation’ together with commissioner Carlos Salamanca and Rafael Redondo. They are detained allegedly using privileged information to sell and extort customers.

He is accused of leading a criminal organization, bribery, money laundering and revelation of secrets corruption and illegal spying.

José Villarejo is alleged to have injected himself into African political
warfare with the help of members of the Equatorial Guinea’s ruling family.

Spanish authorities believe it is an apparent move to undermine Mr
Lima given the legal problems of playboy vice president Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue who has a history of corruption and was convicted in France for money laundering and corruption and sentenced to three years in jail in abstentia.

Equatorial Guinea is confronted with a power struggle where Constancia
Nsue Okomo, the first wife of the President and whose little brother,
Cándido Nsue, was then CEO of Gepetrol, a national oil company.

Cándido was dismissed in 2015. Crispín Edu Tomo who is the nephew has led the campaign with villarejo in Spain. Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima,
son of Celestina Lima, who is also the wife of the President.

Villarejo used Spanish government facilities to set out a plan of action which was to engage in monitoring, interception of communications and obtaining banking and personal information of Gabriel Obiang.

Vallarejo was inspired by stories of Mark Thatcher (Son of Former
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) and Simon Mann in their role in the 2004 coup to oust president Obiang. Their story was well described in the book Wonga Coup, and she Vallarejo felt this was his opportunity to earn black gold in Equatorial Guinea whilst operating from Spain.

As the world watches Spain and how this matter will be handled by the
Spanish authorities, many observers will continue to watch how this
drama unfolds. It is yet to be known what reports besides the smear
campaigns again Equatorial Guinean authorities were reported by the
Vallarejo crime syndicate. Efforts to reach Equatorial Guinea’s
authorities for comments proved futile.

Very strange in the matter is Delfin Mocache Massoko founder of the Equatorial Guinea blog Diario Rombe in Valencia, Spain that has been alleged to be used by the Villarejo crime syndicate against other personalities in Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea is no stranger to democracy and transparency issues.
The US government has frequently criticized the government on
democracy, rule of law and transparency issues. Equatorial Guinea is one of the world’s wealthier nations, with a per capita gross domestic product (GDP) greater than that of Italy, South Korea, or Saudi