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‘e-Learning In Schools Critical To Educational Advancement’



The Publicity Secretary of Querencia School Ige Monique Kent-Okereke has stressed the importance of e-learning in schools, saying it is critical to educational advancement.
Speaking at a press conference in Lagos to unveil the school she said is the first multilingual school to be established in festac town, area of the state, saying it is not only a citadel of learning but also a place where students can feel safe, draw strength of character from and also feels at home. She said the school is world class as its curriculum is a melange of the local content with the global content which makes its programme quite unique. Kent –Okereke said, “In Querencia, most of our learning is e-learning, we have interacting board, and most of our curriculum are based on technology, and not just what we see in the class room.

‘’Most of the students are computer literate, so most of our assignments will done via the computer, and with their smartphone, any questions you ask is an assignment. Although we won’t allow the use of phones on the class room. But for assignments and project works, they have liberty to do that.
“We embrace the three domains of education and do not short change one for the other. The school stimulate the learner to come to terms with his or her area of potentiality and harness these potentials and horn them to reality.
“In Querencia we have a lot of foreign languages that we teach, like Spanish, German and French. Being in the business, I know when I came into educational business, many schools do not want a lot of foreign languages. But here we want the local content meet the global content.’’




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