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Journalists Demand Justice After Bosnian Reporter Badly Beaten



Bosnian journalists demanded justice after a reporter was severely beaten by unknown attackers after covering politically sensitive protests.

On Monday, the United States and European Union also condemned the assault on Vladimir Kovacevic, a journalist who works for the TV network BN in Bosnia’s Serb-run entity Republika Srpska.
On Sunday night he posted a photo on Twitter of his bloodied face and bandaged head.

“Twenty minutes ago while I was coming back from work, two young men jumped out and beat me with rods,” said Kovacevic, who was hospitalised in Banja Luka, the administrative capital of Republika Srpska.

The two attackers “clearly knew where I lived … when I passed by them they began to beat me brutally”, he wrote on Twitter.

The incident sparked an outcry among local media, who reported many people gathered in Banja Luka on Monday to protest the assault.

“One of us has been attacked,” said president of Bosnia’s journalists’ association Marko Divkovic.
“It looks like a case of organised terror from politicians, the justice system and the police,” he alleged.

Adding, he feared more trouble for Bosnian journalists in the run-up to October 7 elections.

Harlem Desir, a media representative for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, also deplored the beating saying “the negative rhetoric being used against the media must end in order to prevent further such attacks against journalists”.

“I urge the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to swiftly investigate this attack and bring its perpetrators to justice,” he said.




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