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Panic In Kebbi Community Over Stray Elephants



There was intense fear in Zaria Kala Kala village community of Koko Besse local government area of Kebbi State as three stray elephants on Tuesday invaded the area.
According to the residents of the village, the elephants were brought to the area by river currents which pass through the area.
Another source told LEADERSHIP that the animals were suspected to have migrated from the neighbouring jungles of Niger or Benin Republic from the territories of the River Niger banks when they strayed from their group and entered Kebbi community.

One of residents, Usman Ali said the elephants are likely to have come from Karaileje surroundings to Yamusa in Borgu district area of Niger State and down to Bagudo from where they entered Zaria Kala-Kala in Koko Besse. He said they were pushed out of their habitat by the flood occasioned by heavy rainfall. Isah Koko, another resident also told LEADERSHIP that “On 28 August, 2018, about 0750 hours three elephants invaded our village in Zaria Kala-Kala. It was believed that they came through the River Niger territories of Niger Republic through Bagudo from Yamusa in Borgu.”

He opined that haven’t spent the night at their village one of the elephants was left behind. While reacting on the matter, the commissioner for environment, Alhaji Musa Kalgo said the state government was aware that three elephants crossed into Kebbi State through Bagudo. He said directive has been given to the ministry officials at the local government area there to protect the animals. “As I speak to you the animals are being monitored so that no harm comes to them, one is in Zaria Kala-Kala and the other two are in Bagudo. Transporting them would be difficult. It is believed that they crossed into the state from Benin Republic and they might come for them.”




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