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We Are Critical To Issues Concerning Corruption – SFAFP



In line with the federal government efforts to combat corruption, the Society for Forensic Accounting and Fraud Prevention (SFAFP) has disclosed that the society remains critical to combating corruption in the country.  This is even as the society inducted 32 associates who recently passed out and 18 interns to face the next level of strengthening anti-graft agencies in the country.
Speaking at the ceremony, SFAFP chairman of the board of trustees, Benjamin Osisioma, charged the new members to make use of the opportunities given to them and contribute towards bringing good ethics and morals to the nation.

He said: “It is difficult for fraud to take place without the support of the accountant. A principal in a school who wants to embezzle funds, he must get the bursar on their side. Someone in the government must reach out to the Accountant General. These are people who have their hands on the paws of the finances of the organisation.
“We are critical to the issue of corruption and whether you like it or not, every organization in Nigeria is as good as the Nigerian people themselves. If we are corrupt, our organizations would be corrupt, but we must face up to the challenge of making a difference.

“What auditors do is to validate records in an organization, but the forensic accountants investigates the circumstances that led to certain records, so they are very critical to the issues of resolving corruption.” He added that fraud always leave a trail. He prayed that the day would dawn when for the first time, corrupt people would be on the run. Similarly, the executive secretary, SFAFP, Abuchi Ogbuju, commended the new members for succeeding in creating a milestone for themselves and harped on financial crime prevention instead of fighting it. “It is always good to prevent, giving the scales on how to checkmate and stop corruption from happening than allowing it to fester till you start struggling on catching up. “You don’t catch up with corruption, but you try to plan and mitigate it. Get the catalyst that would be a factor that would work towards preventing these things from happening and that is getting to the grassroots,” said Ogbuju.




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