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2019: Need To Avert Looming Crisis In Nasarawa



Leadership Nigeria News Today

Since the beginning of the current democratic dispensation in 1999, Nasarawa State never had it so good like under the leadership of Governor Tanko Al-Makura. With his mounting the saddle of leadership in 2011, Al-Makura has so far left no one in doubt as to his mission and vision to transform the state and its people for the better. In spite of the fact that everything seem to be working for him, pundits however, argue that Al-Makura may be leading the APC to a major avoidable crisis resulting into an unprecedented defeat come 2019 general election if feelers around are taken into consideration. An issue that is drawing much condemnation and which is capable of upsetting the cart is Al-Makura’s alleged refusal to consult with relevant stakeholders while taking decisions. It was alleged that Al-Makura has gradually transformed into an emperor who takes advice only from members of his immediate family, specifically his brother, a retired banker who is also his Senior Special Adviser on Banking and Finance, speculated to wield enormous powers. Al-Makura’s brother, Ali was alleged to have penciled down Emmanuel Akabe as deputy governor to A.A Sule, fueling fears that Al-Makura only takes advice from a few and hardly consults stakeholders on issues affecting the state. It was reliably gathered that the APC organs in the state from the wards to state level, never for once met to deliberate as well as take decision collectively.

Akabe, pundits say, is not even a politician. Again, as his tenure comes to an end, with the political terrain already charged with several party stalwarts coming out to declare their intention to run for the seat of the governor, another crisis seem to be brewing capable of causing the APC to implode and to pave the way for the opposition to come back to power. There appears to be growing apprehension over Al-Makura’s perceived insincerity regarding his much acclaimed neutrality regarding the choice of his successor. The governor has on so many occasions stated his willingness to remain impartial in the selection of the flag bearer of the party ahead of the 2019 general elections. However, feelers from around showed
that contrary to his claim, Al-Makura is clandestinely scheming to install his successor albeit through the back door. There are speculations that the governor, seeking for a candidate with financial muscle to foot the 2019 political campaign leading to the governorship election, may compromise his initial claim to being neutral in the process leading to the picking of an acceptable candidate for the party. Again, another version is that, conscious of the need to cover his tracks after leaving office, Al-Makura is considering installing his stooge, in the person of Arc. Shehu Tukur who has been working as consultant with the state government. Judging from comments and postings on social media by mostly direct aides to the governor, Shehu Tukur has been anointed to succeed Al-Makura. This is coming against the backdrop that prominent politicians from across the state who have shown interest in running for the governorship ticket of the APC, have been going round the state, reaching out to the people, buoyed by the initial proclamation by the governor regarding his neutrality. Aware of his clandestine approach to
subvert the electoral process through the back door by manipulating the scheduled primary to favour particular candidates, other governorship aspirants, it was gathered, have begun to mobilize themselves, holding meetings with a view to forging a common front to demand a free and fair process of arriving at a candidate for the APC in Nasarawa State. The rising discontent among political appointees, members and supporters of the APC is another major source of concern if the party should retain its position come 2019. Through excessive domineering, Al-Makura has alienated nearly all relevant stakeholders, pushing all but a few, mostly direct family members, who continue to exert control over elected and appointed government officials. It was gathered that over 60 per cent of his appointees merely follow, with their loyalty to the governor shaky and in doubt. Most are aggrieved that Al-Makura deliberately chose to empower his cronies and to position them for elective position at the detriment of those that worked to bring him to power.
– Adamu writes from Lafia.