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Boko Haram: Army Refutes Sending Soldiers To Die



The Nigerian Army has described as false the allegation that some senior officers connived and set up soldiers and systematically give weapons to Boko Haram terrorists who dislodge 800 soldiers, killing hundreds of them.
The director Army public relations Brig Gen Texas Chukwu stated this in a statement while responding to publication title ‘Bomb Shell! How corrupt Brigadier General Clement Apere deliberately sends Soldiers to die in the hands of Boko Haram’ by Dr Idris Ahmed.
He stated that the Nigerian Army and indeed all militaries have procedures and clearly established procedures for its daily administration including the deployment of troops and fighting a war.
“Moreover, formations and units deployed have clearly established chains of command, administration and logistics supply, support, replenishment and reinforcement.
It is therefore very callous and irresponsible of any person to imagine that senior officers of the Nigerian Army could treasonably connive with any terrorist or set up any soldier,” he said
He also stated that the allegation that the Commander 707 Special Forces Brigade deployed 150 untrained soldiers at Gashigar only exist in the figment of the writer’s imagination as there was no such deployment on the said date or location.
 The Director went on that the  707 Special Forces Brigade has not suffered any number of casualties in any of its deployments across the country in history as claimed by the writer.
 “As a matter of fact, they have proven to be game changers in the fight against terrorism and insurgency, as well as against bandits and armed militias in the north east, north west and north central parts of the country. The peace and security being enjoyed in Benue, Taraba and Niger States bears eloquent testimony to their wonderful exploits,” he stressed
He also denied 15 soldiers of the Nigerian Army are sharing a single room anywhere in the country let alone in Azare, adding that Troops’ welfare has never been given utmost priority like what obtains under the present Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen TY Buratai.
Chukwu reiterated that Azare barracks is one of the newly established barracks with modern amenities and facilities and can not possibly be associated with any scandal
He further commended the Commander 707 Special Forces Brigade, as one of the best of the formation commanders of the Nigerian Army contrary to Dr Ahmed’s claim
“He is brave, courageous, patriotic, honest and has the welfare of his troops at heart. It is therefore precipitous and thoughtless of anybody to associate him with such unfounded allegations,” he said
While calling on members of the public to disregard all the allegations by Dr Idris Ahmed, the Nigerian Army also challenged Dr Idris Ahmed to either produce evidence to substantiate his allegation within seven days or retract the false publication  with an unreserved apologies  or face legal action.
LEADERSHIP check revealed that some troops deployed in the operation Lafiya Dole have received certificate of service by the Lake Chad Basin Commission showing that they have completed their operation but have not been rotated for almost a year.


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