In this clime, people are more poised for those things that matter not, ordinarily for others in other serious climes, here, people are usually prepared mentally to dissipate energies on needless inanities. A gaffe by a government official can ignite heated interests that can serenade across the electronic, print and social media. Here, ample resources and time are spent discussing almost nothing, by the next day, be rest assured of a new inconsequential topic for the Nigeria’s populace. In circle, we dwell on issues that add no value to human development. The US president was allegedly quoted as referring to Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari as ‘lifeless’. Expectedly, Nigerians, defined by the inanities’ ethos, rose in unmitigated gyration, amplifying Trump’s unverified reference. And tragically, one of the media support groups of the president swiftly reacted, throwing tantrums in acerbic splendour instead of changing the narrative. What stops the media handlers from dwelling on what was said in the open as against that said in muffled rumour? Like others, they are ingrained with the inanity bug. Trump wouldn’t have called Buhari lifeless, when he spent real life eulogising the same Buhari. In the fist of unverified jab, your president is described as lifeless, rather than hail him for his firmness, you join to echo the alleged slight that is beyond the president but on your sovereignty as a nation. The laugh is on all of us who see sense in the nonsense of outsiders but see rubbish in the sense of the insider. It is a double jeopardy I must say! Again, we woke up to another bout of inanities as the news about authority’s refusal to grant Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso the Eagle Square to declare his intention to run for the office of Nigeria’s president come 2019. Even as insignificant as the lease of venue for campaign, you expect the president to be in charge.

The Eagle Square, like the International Conference Centre, is under the purview of the MFCT, instead of directing our grievances to the FCT minister, we dissipate energy talking to the president, like us, he gets to hear things like this from the news. This is too intangible to be a concern of the president, especially with begging national issues. Again, who makes a public declaration on a working day when you have Saturdays? Eagle Square is situated in the heart of the federal secretariat, should we then declare Wednesday and Thursday public holiday because Kwankwaso wants to declare his intention to run for PDP presidential primaries? Like Fayose and Jang, can’t he just do this in a hotel? As usual, we have been given a talk to dwell on, as expected, here we are talking about mere venue for a declaration of intent. We are all good and fine because we are well grounded in the studies of inanities. Another ingrained pastime of the Nigerian populace is her ability to dwell on governance comparison. Too much of comparison erode governance, instead of thinking more progress, we spend time arguing who did what or not and at the long run, we juggle governance on the altar of needless inanities. Nothing retards progress than personalising regimes. When this happens, we lose the opportunity of holding people accountable. There is so much energy dissipated talking about who did what or not that what should be done next becomes a problem. The government and the oppositions are legendary in this voyage, they spend debating who conceptualised and completed projects instead of educating the citizens about the importance of projects initiated and completed. In all of these, it is the manifestation of a national ideology where people are more carried away with the side talks of issues instead of concrete template f governance. This is going to be a sustained ethos unless we halt the tide and redirect energies to purposeful issues until then, we are on a long and endless voyage to nowhere. Now is the time to nurture the spread of powerful ideas, by tapping into collective wisdom of both the old and young to make this project called Nigeria work, the noise everywhere is deafening, and we cannot afford to be tied to needless intangibles.