Hennessy live auditions which held at the Koga Studios in Ikeja, Lagos, recently, was a follow-up on the successful auditions in Abuja and Benin, earlier. The Lagos auditions saw over 500 MCs step up for a chance to make the final cut to contest for the ultimate prize at the 2018 Hennessy Artistry VS Class.

VS Class judges Vector, Phlow and Jimmie, who were joined by surprise guest IllBliss, cut down the list to about 100 at first. Another screening further reduced the number to 13 MCs who would be merged with the selected 10 from the Abuja and Benin auditions.

“We have to give it to Hennessy for their ability to sustain the auditions for the fifth time,’’ one of the judges, Vector said.

Vector and his colleague, IllBliss, spoke of the commitment of the premium cognac to the rap culture during a conversation with pressmen after the auditions. “You have to give it to Hennessy,” Illbliss reiterated.

Entries for the online auditions are still open to all lyricists, including those who were unable to attend the live auditions and even the ones who attended but weren’t selected.