In a radio interview with Power 92 Chicago’s DJ Pharris, Kanye announced a possible presidential run in 2024. Just like he made a declaration in the 2015 VMA’s to run in 2020, he said “If I decide to do it, it will be done, I’m not going to try,” he added tgat his preferred party name would be ‘The Birthday Party’.

Sounds Yeezy for sure.

He discussed some potential policy decisions, showing support for current US economic policy with an assertion giving thumbs up to Trump.

He added “I’m going to make sure the medical industry flourishes. For someone to say you can’t ride with both sides… it’s like a modern idea of gang banging or something,” he explained. “It’s divisions. We don’t need to think in divisions. We need to think in arms because we’re actually one race, one people, one civilization.”

Well in the last few years, amazing things have happened. This could add to a host of them.