Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho got the perfect response from his team after back-to-back defeats, with their 10 men cruising home, yesterday

After back-to-back defeats against Brighton and Tottenham, there were plenty of debates as to what Manchester United needed. A new manager? A new direction within the boardroom? A renewed vigour from their players?

One thing that couldn’t be questioned was their need to bounce back with a win at Burnley, yesterday, and boy did Jose Mourinho’s side deliver.

The action-packed 2-0 victory at Turf Moor was a showcase of many of the best traits of Manchester United. They took the game to their opponents, got themselves into a winning position and threatened to score plenty more than their final tally. And even after going down to 10 men after Marcus Rashford’s second-half red card they continued to make chances while also showing the guts necessary to deal with Burnley’s desperate attacks at the other end.

It couldn’t have been scripted better by Mourinho no matter how hard he tried. The manager had got himself worked up in the week, referring time and again to his previous honours in a bit to build a siege mentality between himself and the Manchester United supporters.

There was even a pre-match plane protest by a group of United fans, with the words ‘Ed Woodward: A specialist in failure!’ being displayed in the skies as the debate over the executive vice-chair’s relationship with the manager intensifies.