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Hairy Women Prone To Infertility – Public Health Nurse



Cindy Ofori-Appiah
Cindy Ofori-Appiah, Public Health nurse

Cindy Ofori-Appiah, Public Health nurse

A public health nurse at Adabraka Polyclinic, Cindy Ofori-Appiah, has hinted that women are gradually becoming barren due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS is a condition where there is an increase in male hormones in women which affects the production of eggs, leading to complications which cause bareness.

Speaking on Nyinsen Ne Awuor on Adom FM, Mrs Ofori-Appiah revealed that women with more hair have male-dominated hormones in their bodies, making it difficult for childbirth because the male hormones do not support fertility in women.

She said women who grow more-than-usual hairs on their faces, chests and on other parts of their bodies should quickly consult their doctors and possibly go for PCOS tests because it could be signs of infertility.

Ms Ofori-Appiah said PCOS is a silent killer which must be collectively fought against because it is really causing harm to Ghanaian women

“Many women suffering from this condition are normally depressed, have mood swings, poor memory and even gain weight needlessly,” she added.

She charged civil society organisations and churches not to discriminate against women with such behaviours because they may be suffering from the PCOS condition.






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