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‘Injustice, Inequality Behind Calls For Restructuring In Abia’



Leadership Nigeria News Today

The former deputy speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Mr Emeka Stanley, has said that calls for restructuring in Abia State arose out of injustice and inequality in the state.

The former deputy speaker, who is aspiring for the Abia State South senatorial district on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) made this known during an interview with journalists in Abuja, stressing that equality among all citizens was key to national development.

He said, “In a system where there is no real legislation or justice and equity, people are bound to complain and most people say restructuring is the way out.

“Restructuring does not mean dis-integrating the country, it is giving better recognition to regional existence like balancing of equity in appointments, these are all forms of restructuring.

“I believe in restructuring, anything that can make Nigeria be a strong country with good future for its people in terms of employment, industrialisation and empowerment.”

Stanley said a country where some citizens were treated as sacred cows does not give room for equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth.

He frown at a situation where some universities admitted jamb candidates that scored 40 per cent of the marks and those that scored 80 per cent were not given admissions.

He said that this kind of situation makes the nation waste people with high intelligence quotients (IQ) that could contribute greatly to national development.

“When qualified people are not allowed to decide and take actions and you bring somebody with lower IQ by all ramification, that person cannot perform, we want the best for Nigeria to grow as a country.

“For example in the north we have the herdsmen situation and we know that the herdsmen are backward in education, so there should be a special provision for them and it can only be done when each bloc recognises their own deficiency and tackle it.

“So I think that Nigeria has gone a long way but even if we call it nascent democracy we should apply the principles of the democracies we are copying like the US.”

Speaking on his reasons for seeking an elective position in the Senate, Stanley said because he had been involved in act of law making for the state he had all the experience to do a better job at the federal level.